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Turkey & Avocado Sandwich with Herby Slaw and Mustard-Mayo

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I make a sandwich like this almost everyday for my husband for lunch (most often using a wrap). Turkey is often my go-to because it’s the easiest and healthiest protein to include (I like the easy-to-open-and-close packaging of the Tirat Zvi family pack). Along with the turkey, there’s always a creamy dressing or whole grain mustard, and always something crunchy, like a slaw. This herby-version, full of fresh parsley, is my latest favorite sandwich topper. The entire recipe also works for an easy no-cook dinner.



Prepare the slaw. Combine all ingredients. Can be prepared ahead.


Prepare the mustard-mayo. Combine all ingredients.


To assemble your sandwich, place turkey on a slice of bread. Top with mustard-mayo, avocado, and herby slaw. Top with additional slice of bread. Enjoy with pickles and extra slaw on the side.