Rorie's Faux Cheese Latkes

Join Rorie Weisberg (Food Fight Champion!) in her new series, as she shows you how healthy food can be just as delicious, and can fit into your lifestyle without missing a beat! In her first episode, Rorie is making a Full 'n free version of latkes for Chanukah. They're so delicious, you'll never know there's no cheese!


Get the Recipe: 

 2 bags Heaven & Earth Riced Cauliflower, defrosted in a colander 
 3 eggs
 4 tablespoons Rorie’s Grain Free blend (or other flour of choice. If using almond flour use 3 tbsp almond flour and 1 tbsp coconut flour.)
 1 teaspoon Tuscanini Sea Salt
 2–4 tablespoons nutritional yeast, depending on how much of a “cheese” taste you want
 avocado oil for frying 

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