Recipe Roundups

6 Retro Dinners From Your Childhood

Kosher.com Staff November 1, 2023

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Recipes like your mom used to make deserve a spot at the dinner table every now and then. That’s why we’re bringing back some childhood favorites like the tuna melt, meatloaf, and chicken pot pie.

They are all delicious and cozy (perfect for these chilly nights).

Next time you’re craving a home-cooked meal from your childhood, don’t go rummaging through those old magazines or scribbled recipes. Save this roundup and have the classics right at your fingertips.

  1. Tuna Cottage Cheese Casserole by OU Kosher
    Leftover mashed potatoes are dressed up and transformed into a totally new dish, perfect for a weekday lunch or dinner. Courtesy of the Women’s Branch of the Orthodox Union.
  2. Tuna Melt Calzone by Brynie Greisman
    This is an absolutely delicious and easy light meal. Starting with store-bought pizza dough really cuts down on the prep time. I’m giving you the basic recipe and concept, and you can add or alter the veggies and seasoning as you wish.
  3. Chicken Sloppy Joes by Faigy Grossman
    I wanted to do something with ground chicken that would be different yet easy and tasty. I surpassed my expectations when concocting this dish. Try in any type of bread — pita, lafa, baguettes…. This sauce will taste amazing with any of them!
  4. Glazed Meatloaf from the Dining In Cookbook
    Meatloaf is a family favorite for a reason! This recipe has that classic sweet profile that really appeals to kids.
  5. Mini Chicken Pot Pies by Raizy Fried
    If you could choose just one dish to survive on for the rest of your life, what would you choose? While we love chocolate babka and licorice, our choice would most probably be something a bit more nutritious. I’m thinking a balanced dish that has both vegetables and protein. We would select a dish that can be classified as comfort food, something that will keep us feeling happy and cozy. Something like chicken pot pie. Although we don’t have to choose just one dish for life (I seriously don’t know where I was trying to go with all of that…) (Maybe just for an interesting ‘pull-in’ introduction… after all, you are reading it. Even the parenthesis!), I believe this chicken pot pie will be a frequent choice. Because recipes like these are loved by all. I mean, what’s there not to love?? It’s healthy and hearty, and the little individual servings are just adorable! So, choose this for dinner tonight. As you serve these to your family, just set back and watch them crack those layers of puff pastry to get to the good stuff. Then, after you see those smiles, go ahead, take your spoon, crack through that layer and experience the delicious chicken pot pie for yourself.
  6. One Pot Beef Stroganoff by Richelle Tarko
    Delicious and comforting, this classic tender beef and noodle dish comes together in one pot.