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Chanie’s Hack To Cold Kosher Milk When Traveling

Chanie Nayman January 12, 2023

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With Yeshiva Week coming up, we’re gearing up for travel season.


Clothing, flights, supplies. And food. Especially food.


If all my family members would enjoy the same kinds of food, my vacation food planning would be much simpler. Slap a few of the same tuna sandwiches together, wrap them in foil, and hit the road.


But every family has its eaters and its picky eaters. And thanks to the picky eaters in mine, I’ve come to recognize the greatness of a bowl of cereal and milk. It’s a no-prep vitamin-fortified meal with a nice dose of protein. Not just for travel season, but for grab-and-go school snacks and lunches, too.


Because milk needs to be cold (like any picky eater will tell you), it might not seem like this meal is a road runner.


Think again.


Here’s how I do it.


Cereal and Milk to Go


1. Drain (or drink) a disposable eight- or ten-ounce water bottle.



 2. Using a funnel like this one, pour fresh milk in to fill the empty bottle 1/3 of the way.



3. Place sealed bottle on its side in the freezer. Freeze overnight.




4. In the morning, fill the rest of the bottle with fresh milk (using your handy funnel again!). Close tightly. Place the milk bottle into an insulated lunch box or lunch bag.


5. Fill up a plastic bowl with cereal of choice. Seal the whole bowl inside a big Ziploc bag (I really like these extra-large ones).


Add a spoon – and you’re off!


A note on funnels: I find myself using them over and over again in my kitchen. You can usually buy them at 3 for a dollar at a local dollar store, or order on Amazon.


Airport Eats


This hack won’t last you past security due to TSA guidelines, but I still take frozen milk bottles and cereal with us to the airport. Somehow, after the rush to get to the airport, we often find ourselves with more time on our hands than we expected, and we can take a few minutes for the kids to sit on a bench somewhere and have a bowl of cereal before we go through security.


Photography by Sara Goldstein