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Hate Boring Gifts? Us Too. Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Mussy Raitman November 22, 2018

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By: Lubicom Staff


The holiday season is here and there’s absolutely no turning back.


If you’re freaking out over gift ideas, don’t fret. Just take a couple of deep breaths and keep on scrolling ‘cause today’s your lucky day. We did the hard work for you…



The Ultimate Gift Guide 2018:



Espresso in a Minute


If you’re anything like us, the most important part of a morning routine is getting that steaming hot, double-shot, frothy coffee down pat.


Our secret to daily coffee perfection? Nespresso machine.


For every coffee addict, there is nothing better than an efficient coffee machine. Not only does a Nespresso machine make the best tasting coffee ever, but it’s also fast. (And by fast we mean it takes half the time it takes you to apply your eyeliner in the morning.) Once this sleek machine is sitting on your kitchen counter, you’re bound to look like you have your life in order. Gift yourself, or gift your friends, we don’t care, as long as you make The. Best. Purchase. Of. Your. Life.




Rose Gold Stainless Steel Straws


If you been keeping up with the latest trends you would know that plastic straws are so 2017. At first, we were like you, totally hesitant about this whole reusable idea. Until we came across the cutest and chic-est rose gold stainless steel straws ever. Extra? Yes. But we love being extra, especially around this time of the year.


Whether your giftee loves sipping cocktails on the couch (no shame!) or just gallons of La Croix (really no shame!!) this is the perfect gift for them.


So, no, using mason jars just won’t cut it at this year’s holiday parties. Rose Gold straws are where it’s at.



Linen Napkins like these




When it comes to party décor, every detail counts and so does every dollar. Let’s be real, guest lists only get longer and expenses higher at this time of the year. Investing in high-quality linen napkins just might be the answer that you’re looking for. A onetime expense, cloth napkins give that clean and sophisticated look everyone’s aiming to get when they try and purchase the classiest print napkins that somehow end up looking cheesy anyways.


Who wouldn’t like receiving a full set of monogrammed linen napkins?




Soda Stream


This one is for the relative or friend that hasn’t stopped trying to cut soda out from their diet. Not only will this solve their problem, but will also save you from having to listen to them complain daily.   


With a touch of a button, the soda machine makes the bubbliest, thirst quenching soda water ever.


Game changer for when it comes to craving a drink that not only quenches your thirst but gives that fizzy feeling without the two cups of unnecessary sugar.






Let’s be real, they’re more than just adding a protective layer under your morning coffee or afternoon beer. Coasters are that funky individualized drink accessory that takes “drinks with friends” to a new level.


It’s the type of gift that is just infinitely useful at literally any time of the day.


Lucky for you, there are endless options when it comes to picking colors, materials, and shapes. You’re gonna have a blast just placing the order. You’ll probably even end up buying a set for yourself. Don’t blame us, we warned you.




Marble Board


They love marble anything, and you know it.


A timeless trend, you just can’t let your cheese and crackers be #basic no more. The best part about using boards in the kitchen; there are absolutely no rules. Display homemade goodies, cheese or even boring green veggies on a marble board and you’re guaranteed everyone will go wild.


DIY food boards just got an upgrade.