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All The Resources You Need For Yeshiva Week Are Right Here!

Kosher.com Staff December 26, 2021

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For those of you who are unfamiliar, our “theme weeks“ are when we feature an entire week worth of content dedicated to one particular theme. Back in October, we had “Play Date Week.” For those who are interested, you can see all of those articles here.


This week, we’ll be publishing articles on everything from local and long-distance trip ideas, travel shopping guides, staycation inspiration, recipes, crafts, and so much more.


For your convenience, we’ll feature every article here as they get published so you can easily find them in one place.


We are so excited to get this week started! The content will be amazing, and you’ll feel prepped full of ideas for when your family’s “Yeshiva break” week actually arrives.


  1. Yeshiva Week: 25 Must-Have Travel Items! by Rachel Kor

  2. Yeshiva Week: Easy And Fun Pancake Art by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

  3. Yeshiva Week: 10 Cities Across the US You Never Thought to Travel To (Plus Restaurant Recommendations) by Dena Gershkovich

  4. Yeshiva Week: The Coolest Masking Tape Art (Great For All Ages!) by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

  5. Yeshiva Week: Fun Foods To Make With Kids by Kosher.com Staff

  6. Yeshiva Week: Healthy Snacks To Pack On Vacation by Dena Gershkovich

  7. Yeshiva Week: Cozy Hot Chocolate Board (+2 fun DIYs) by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

  8. Yeshiva Week: How To Make The Best Beef Jerky (Plus Storing Tips) by Menachem Goodman

  9. Yeshiva Week: Winter Day Trips In The Tristate Area by Goldy Buxbaum

  10. Yeshiva Week: Kid-Friendly Shows To Watch On Vacation by Kosher.com Staff

  11. Yeshiva Week: The OU Answers Your Vacation Kashrut Questions by OU Kosher

  12. Yeshiva Week: Kosher Foods You Can Find At Any Store On Vaca by Naomi Ross

  13. Yeshiva Week: 7 Ways to Create Unforgettable Vacation Days from Home by Goldy Buxbaum

  14. Yeshiva Week: 15 Ways To Save On Your Next Vacation by Goldy Buxbaum