Add Color To Your Passover Menu With These Vibrant Recipes

Kosher.com Staff March 27, 2023

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Who else finds themselves making Passover foods that have a color scheme of beige and white?

We’re definitely guilty of this.

So when it came time to curate the recipes for this roundup, it was no surprise that colorful kosher for Passover recipes were actually quite hard to find.

We’ve hand-picked delicious, vibrant, and color-packed recipes that will not only add healthy produce to your menu, but help round out and beautify your meal as well.

1. Fruit Tart Passover Dessert by Sheva Gross and Bruchy Schik

Delicious fruit tart with a gebrochts- and gluten-free crust, creamy parve custard, and topped with fresh fruits and a honey-citrus glaze.

2. Passover Strawberry Tiramisu by Chavi Feldman

Who says tiramisu has to be made with the traditional coffee flavor? Try this strawberry version for a light and easy dessert that’s sure to become one of your family’s favorites!

3. Passover Lemon Meringue Pie, Two Ways by Brynie Greisman

Lemon meringue pie was always a family favorite. I remember my mother serving it to my Zeidy a”h in the succah. This is a Pesach version that rivals the chometzdig one and is not too daunting to make. I brought a few pieces to a sheva brachos where the chassan was gluten free, and everyone preferred it to the regular dessert! Thanks, H.D.G., for the inspiration.

4. Passover Lemon Tart 2 Ways by Rachel Kor

This lemon tart is really easy and quick to make and has the most delicious lemon flavor. It’s perfect for a light dessert after dinner, or a refreshing dessert after lunch.

I had so much fun with this lemon tart that I actually created two topping ideas for you guys. I happen to love fresh fruit on top of lemon tarts, but I also love the idea of drizzled chocolate over the top to balance out the tart lemon curd. Whichever look you decide to go with is sure to be delicious!

5. Beet Salad with Date Syrup Dressing by Ida Levy

6. Chimichurri Matzo Balls by Paula Shoyer

7. Zucchini and Tomato Tart by Victoria Dwek

Although the zucchini and tomatoes are the star here, the potato gives the dish that heartiness that I feel it needs. I recommend using a mandoline for the zucchini and potato.

For more great ideas, watch 4 Amazing Things!

8. Fruit Pavlova from the Dining In Cookbook

A light, beautiful dessert with room for creativity – choose your fruits and design them as you like!

9. Vegetable Quiche with Potato Crust from the Dining In Cookbook

A potato crust?! What an unusual, delicious idea!

10. Butternut Squash Fries by Rorie Weisberg

Lightly seasoned, oven-roasted butternut squash spears.

11. Fresh Cucumber Dill Salad by Mindy Rafalowitz

The contrast of colors in this salad is not only eye appealing but will please your palate as well. For even more color, don’t peel the cucumbers (just be sure to scrub them well with dishwashing liquid and then rinse well).

12. Mango Tango Salad by Chavi Feldman

The beauty of this salad is that it’s equally as delicious on its own or when paired with lettuce. Try doubling the recipe to enjoy it as a “salsa” during a night seudah, and then simply toss the other half with lettuce the next day!

13. Pear-Berry Crumble by Brynie Greisman

Chock-full of delicious fruit with a light topping. Not heavy on the oil or the sugar. You’ll love it.

14. Pineapple and Pom Salsa by Sina Mizrahi

I love that hint of sweetness pineapple adds to salsa. Once you take one bite, any reservations you have of combining fruits and vegetables will dissipate and you will keep going in for more. And more. The pomegranate adds a nice pop of color and fruitiness. It’s the best combo with chips you’ve ever had on Passover.

15. Fragrant Roasted Veggie Blend by Rorie Weisberg

We all want to capture the color and variety of various foods to make our menus Yom Tov-worthy. One way I do this is by harvesting the full potential of roasted veggies! This unique blend combines the tastes and textures of all sorts of vegetables and herbs into one special dish. Enjoy!

16. Grilled Chicken Salad with Lemon-Pepper Spiced Nuts by Chanie Nayman

You would think it’s hard to reinvent a lettuce-based salad because there are limited ways to rework it! Here’s a salad with ingredients you’ve most definitely used in salads countless times before, but maybe not all together at the same time. It just works!

17. Steak-Bite Lettuce Cups with Horseradish Aioli by Michal Frischman

A lettuce taco never feels like a bedieved to me, but when I was thinking Pesach taco, I’ll admit my brain first went to jicama/daikon before finalizing with good old lettuce. But I was wrong. Lettuce is the best version of this dish, and if you’re not sure, I invite you to try these and any variations and see for yourself.

18. Salmon Crouton Salad With Ginger-Cilantro Dressing by Sima Kazarnovsky

These salmon croutons are light, a little different, and bursting with flavor. They exude confidence and elegance in their simplicity and automatically add to the festivities on account of being cute and bite-size. Plus, with the many heavy meals we are sure to experience over Yom Tov, it’s nice to have something fresh and herby to start us off.

19. Portobello Mushroom Salad with Ginger Dressing by Chani Tawil

This is one of my favorite salads, and the ginger dressing is soooo good! You can save extras (or make more!) to use as a dip for breaded chicken or fish.

20. Cranberry-Orange Chicken by Sarah Lasry

This recipe is my childhood – and now my own child’s – favorite. It’s sweet with a huge tang of savory, and it surprised everyone with just how incredible-tasting it is. The fact that you’re pretty much dumping a can of sauce over chicken and baking it is just the huge bonus to this weeknight hit. You’re welcome.

21. Roasted Radish and Tomato Salad by Sima Kazarnovsky

I didn’t know I liked radishes until this year. Turns out, they are really, really good. The sharp flavor and satisfying crunch add so much to any salad. I saw a roasted radish recipe in a magazine recently and I knew I had to try it out. The sharp flavor drastically changes, and it no longer adds the crunch to your salad. But it is so delicious in its own right. Pair it with bursting roasted tomatoes and a classic dill dressing, and you have a salad that’s both unique and familiar enough to have you easily finishing the bowl.

22. Refreshing Mango Sorbet by Rorie Weisberg

Many of my healthier desserts are extra-filling because they contain nuts, nut butters or flours, or coconut milk or cream. Not this one. I love that this dessert is so light and refreshing, the perfect palate cleanser for those times you just want that sweet, smooth, creamy something to hit the spot.

23. Pesach Brunch Board by Faigy Murray

When breakfast/brunch is served at all different times on Chol Hamoed, I like to put out a big board so everyone can eat at their leisure. Includes my recipe for making the perfect omelets!

24. Broccoli Kugel by Sheindy Unger

25. Honey Roasted Chicken with Spring Herb Chimichurri by Elizabeth Kurtz

This chicken is wonderful on its own but heightened even further with this bright and seasonal chimichurri sauce. The chicken is roasted and caramelized, and the sauce is bold and brightly colored. Serve along with roasted lemons and garlic.

26. Israeli-Style Chicken Kabobs with Mock-Techinah Dipping Sauce by Chavi Feldman

These tasty and delicious chicken kabobs are further enhanced by the creamy cashew dipping sauce. Try it — it really tastes like techinah. I even had my family fooled!

27. Deconstructed Lemon and Mango Meringue Pie by Glicky Eizikovicz

I love deconstructed desserts because they save time, are hassle-free, and make for a beautiful presentation. This lemon custard is by far the best I have ever had. Top each one with the nut brittle, and I promise each plate will be scraped clean!

28. Spicy Thai Mango Avocado Salad by Bat-El Gershowitz

This is a fresh and interesting new salad that’s easy to make, with sweet mango, spicy Italian peppers, loads of herbs, and a zesty lime and honey dressing.

29. Crispy Sweet Potato Sticks by Brynie Greisman

These are simply awesome! Soft, crispy, and crunchy at the same time. Full of delicious flavor. They taste best freshly made, but can definitely be warmed up and eaten the next day.

30. Shaved Ice by Chanie Nayman

Shaved ice is a refreshing dessert that has become a go-to for me. I love that you don’t need to take out a blender! You can make this concept with any fruit juice you’d like, the sky’s the limit.

31. Oyster Steak Salad Board by Chaya Suri Leitner

The beauty of a salad platter is the ability to utilize almost any ingredients that you have on hand, or to add just the ones you like. Additionally, everything in this platter can be prepared up to three days in advance (the oyster steak tastes amazing room temp) and assembled right before serving. This salad has become my family’s favorite replacement for Pesach cholent.

32. Crispy Zucchini Salad With Jalapeño-Honey Aioli by Sima Kazarnovsky

Potatoes are hiding everywhere on this holiday! Forget the roasted kind sitting on your dining room table; they’re also mixed with sugar and glazed with chocolate next to your coffee urn. They’re our sides, our desserts, and everything in between. That’s why I was inclined to make a recipe that incorporated a little green, while still providing enough flavor to be a satisfying salad. We can’t hope to replace the humble potato; we can only hope to live up to its versatility.

33. Herb and Citrus Salmon by Brynie Greisman

An elegant dish infused with fresh herbs, with the citrus flavors as background notes. It presents beautifully, too.

34. Slow-Roasted Salmon with Citrus Glaze by Malky and Yossi Levine

One of the things I love about Pesach food is getting creative with the ingredients we’re allowed to use. This fish looks so naturally gorgeous with the mix of blood orange and lemon slices. The salmon falls apart the moment you cut into it, and I had to stop myself from eating the entire fillet. Leftovers are rarely this exciting!

35. Marinated Turkey Roast with Mediterranean Salsa by Brynie Greisman

This turkey roast has a light, herb-infused marinade that gives you a super-moist, flavorful result. The salsa complements it beautifully and adds a gorgeous pop of color.

36. Seared Tuna With Watermelon Salsa by Chaya Suri Leitner

Watermelon salsa is a light and refreshing condiment to serve with any fish, and I especially like it over seared tuna. I like to serve this for a Yom Tov meal because it’s a nice change from all the heavy food. There’s bonus points since you can prepare the watermelon salsa up to a day in advance. When I serve this combination, my guests are hesitant to try it, but once they do, there’s no turning back.

37. Cauliflower Israeli Salad by Chanie Nayman

This is the salad I make when I want something bright and fresh, which is pretty much necessary to go alongside every heavy Pesach meal.

38. Farfel With Saucy Roasted Veggies by Brynie Greisman

Farfel on Pesach? And it’s not gebrochts? YES! Move over potatoes! There’s a new, original kid on the block with endless possibilities. Serve alongside meat, chicken, or fish.

39. Rainbow Salad with Sweet Lemon Dressing by Faigy Grossman

This crispy, enticing salad offers a breathtaking palette of magnificent colors along with a tangy dressing. Use as a beautiful appetizer for your Yom Tov seudah as is, or add a small piece of simple grilled salmon or chicken, if you’d like.

40. Eggplant in a Garlic Verde Dressing by Estee Kafra

Garlic, parsley, and olive oil — three simple ingredients, but a powerful kitchen weapon! I finish vegetable side dishes, fish, and even chicken with a dab of it, and it’s divine. Here’s our favorite dip/side dish using my new kitchen staple.

41. Steak and Cabbage by Chanie Nayman

When I plan a menu, I always try to include things that are colorful by nature. Bright fresh-roasted vegetables topped with steak can technically be on rotate for eight days straight in my book!

42. Breakfast Soufflés with Veggie Fill-ins by Rorie Weisberg

These flavor-packed soufflés take the stress out of breakfast time. If dairy agrees with you, feel free to swap dairy cream for the coconut milk and butter for coconut oil.

43. Marinated Steak Roll-Ups by Chavi Feldman

Here’s a meat variation of the classic chicken roll-up dish. Perfect as an elegant appetizer or a delicious main dish. For those of you who don’t use store-bought ingredients on Pesach, this one’s for you!