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Our Top 15 Articles Of 2023

Kosher.com Staff January 4, 2024

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Yesterday we shared our top 10 most searched-for recipes from 2023. Today we’re taking a deep dive into our lifestyle section.

Not only is it fun to look back on popular searches, but it’s also really insightful. Just take a look at the articles below, and it’ll be clear to you, too- you guys LOVE holiday resources (especially for Passover)!

From Purim Seudah Recipes You Can Make And Freeze Ahead! and The Cutest Har Sinai Cake Truffles For Shavuot (No Baking Required!) , to Matzo Pizza On The Betty Crocker and 45 Passover Recipes You Can Make On The Stovetop, you have made your favorites known, and we can’t wait to deliver more articles just like these in the new year!

Save this roundup for when you need these resources in the future, or for some fun reading!

1. 57 Easy Passover Recipes for Newbies! by Kosher.com Staff

Are you a total beginner at preparing for Passover? In that case, what you need is easy Passover recipes- nothing complicated or time-consuming like those overwhelming dessert recipes that require separating and beating ten dozen eggs.

We’ve collected the easiest, most delicious Passover recipes just for you!

2. Purim Seudah Recipes You Can Make And Freeze Ahead! by Rachel Kor

Purim is just around the corner, so why not get a head start on your Seudah cooking? We’ve chosen recipes that are traditional, festive, and downright delicious for you to try.

3. 13 Sauces for Gnocchi That Will Make Your Gnocchi Game Unstoppable by Jenna Grunfeld

Feeling hungry but short on time to make dinner? Gnocchi may be the answer you’re looking for! I’ve put together a roundup of my favorite sauces for gnocchi. Rose, cheesy mushroom, one-pot meat, pumpkin, pesto alfredo, and even Thai sauces for gnocchi can transform your simple package of potato gnocchi into a quick and delicious meal.

4. 45 Passover Recipes You Can Make On The Stovetop by Kosher.com Staff

If you’re going to remember any trick when cooking for Passover, it’s that your menu should be planned around both oven and stovetop recipes. Why? Because relying on your oven for all your cooking needs will take FOREVER! The only way to keep the cooking from getting to a standstill is through making use of your stovetop, too.

Here are recipes that can be made from start to finish on your stovetop, from Boeuf Bourguignon and caramelized chicken, to basil red potatoes and squash potato kugel.

5. 20 No-Cook Snacks To Bring On Your Next Picnic by Kosher.com Staff

There are so many special ways of honoring Lag B’omer, but with the weather getting nicer each day, having an easy, no-fuss picnic is certainly a perfect way to celebrate!

To make it even more enjoyable, we’re taking all the work out of your typical picnic prep and sharing snack ideas that require no cooking at all!

6. How To Make 3 Gorgeous Flower Arrangements With Trader Joe’s Flowers by Vera Newman

I’m going to show you that you’re perfectly capable of creating beautiful centerpieces with your local Trader Joe’s flowers. Whether you like to have flowers on your Shabbos or Yom Tov table, or maybe you’re making a kiddush in your home for your brand new baby girl, I’m here to help you!

7. Chanie’s Top Picks For The Prettiest Shavuot Table by Chanie Nayman

I am always looking for little things to change up my Shavuot tables, and at this fast pace of busy day-to-day life, I am always looking on Amazon and the like for pretty little adornments. Even just one new item adds so much to freshen up a holiday table!

8. Getting Organized: An Interview With Kitchen Ambush’s Tzipora Izsak by Kosher.com Staff

Have you seen our new series, Kitchen Ambush? Our guess is you have!

We’ve gotten so much amazing feedback and requests for a new season. Thank you for all the amazing support! Since so many of you are big fans of the show, we thought we’d interview Tzipora Izsak for some of her best organizing advice, tips, and favorite products.

9. Not Enough Room On Your Seder Table? We Have The Perfect Solution. by Kosher.com Staff

Here at kosher.com, we want to prepare you for the inevitable. We have an entire guide on everything you need to make “Passover Possible,” which includes menus, recipes, shoppables, cleaning guides, kids crafts, articles for first-time Passover hosts, and so much more.

Today we’re helping you out in the Seder table department. No, not decor, but a problem we ALL face!


10. These 2 Ingredient Grape Juice Jello Cups Will Keep The Kids Happy All Seder Long! by Rachel Kor

Kedem Grape Juice is a staple in every Jewish home. It’s something we all have in our pantry, know, and love, and it’s especially something that kids adore, a special treat that fills them with the feeling of Shabbat each week.

Not only is it a classic, but it’s also really underused in my opinion. There are so many ways to incorporate it in fun ways on Shabbat and Yom Tov, and what better time to experiment with it than for Passover?

Which leads me to these adorable Grape Juice Jello Cups.

11. The Cutest Har Sinai Cake Truffles For Shavuot (No Baking Required!) by Rachel Kor

I’m always looking for an easy and festive creation to display or serve on Shavuot. It’s a holiday when I seem to have a little extra time to spare on festive treats and pretty décor.

12. The Best Dairy Iced Coffee Frap To Enjoy On Yom Tov by Chanie Nayman

I asked each of my kids to suggest something they would like for me to make for Shavuot. This was my daughter’s request, among other, far more complicated ideas, but I jumped in on this one because it’s so easy, and because it really hits the spot with its refreshing-ness!

13. Transform Passover Cake Mixes Into Extra Special Desserts In Minutes! by Rachel Kor

In case you couldn’t already tell, we love a good cooking or baking hack.

And what better time to have an amazing hack than for Passover, when we all feel so overwhelmed from the extensive preparations?

We’ve completely transformed classic Manischewitz cake mixes and turned them each into something extra special and delicious with just a few very simple ingredients.

14. 4 Ways To Sorbet Parfait (The Most Refreshing Passover Dessert!) by Rachel Kor

Sorbet Parfaits are what you’re going to want to make! It’s a dessert that the entire family is going to love, and is totally customizable to each person’s taste.

15. Matzo Pizza On The Betty Crocker by Rachel Kor

We’re sharing 4 delicious and fun matzo pizza recipes that you can make on the Betty, perfect for at-home fun, or travel too.