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Our Top 15 Episodes Of 2023!

Kosher.com Staff January 4, 2024

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Our show section is one we’re very proud of. We have over 25 different shows (yes, you read that number correctly), covering many different categories such as easy dinners, inspirational, cooking for kids, baking, hacks, decor, and SO much more.

We had fun walking down memory lane and taking a look at some of your favorite episodes for today’s top viewed episodes from 2023.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with all of our shows, take a look at the favorites below and bookmark them so you can watch them all over your upcoming Yeshiva break!


1. Confronting the Clutter by Kitchen Ambush

Chayitty’s kitchen is a disaster zone, and her family’s breakfast routine is more like a hot mess express. But fear not! Tzipora Izsak, master organizer, is here to save the day.

2. Conquering the Chaos by Kitchen Ambush

With the clock ticking and the stakes high, Tzipora and Chayitty gear up for a race against time in episode two of Kitchen Ambush.

But as they begin the daunting task of emptying cabinets and sorting through clutter, it quickly becomes clear that time is not on their side. With every passing moment, the pressure mounts and the mess seems to grow larger. Can Tzipora conquer this organizing feat before the clock runs out?

3. The Easiest Meal Train Dinner in Under 30 Minutes, with Malkie Knopfler by Naomi Nachman, Sunny Side Up

Malkie Knopfler joins Naomi on this special episode. Instead of showing us how to make one dish, Malkie is going to show us how to make an entire meal. Whether you know someone that just had a baby, someone who is sick in the hospital, or someone who could just use a little pick-me-up, this delicious dinner is the perfect way to show someone you really care.

4. Apple Cinnamon Crumb Muffins by Easy Does It, with Esty Wolbe

Moist and delicious gluten-free apple-cinnamon muffins with a crumb topping, these are perfect for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert.

5. Best Challah Ever, by Easy Does It with Esty Wolbe

Let’s get back to the basics of challah baking! The once-intimidating task is now daunting no longer with Esty Wolbe guiding us through the process using the challah recipe thousands of women make for Shabbat every week. Stick around for easy-to-follow directions for braiding beautiful 4-strand and 6-strand challos.

6. Bobby Weisz’s Yom Tov Salmon by Baruch Hashem It’s Shabbos

Think you know salmon? Yussi Weisz is here to shake things up with a mouthwatering twist on the classic Shabbos and Yom Tov dish. Once you try this ingredient combo in Bobby Weisz’s delicious recipe, you’ll never go back to your old salmon routine again. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your Yom Tov meal, and you’ll be amazed when you discover what actually goes in there!

7. How to Build the Perfect Cheese Board With Julie Holzer and Malkie Hirsch by Naomi Nachman, Sunny Side Up

What better way to celebrate dairy than with a perfectly plated cheese board? Naomi Nachman is joined by the talented Julie Holzer and Malkie Hirsch just in time for Shavuot. Watch this dynamic trio at work as they share their invaluable tips and techniques to help you create your own show-stopping cheese board that is both a delectable delight and a visual masterpiece.

8. Classic Braised Lamb Shanks by Yussi Weisz

These mouthwatering, full-off-the-bone-soft lamb shanks will please your family and guests at any meal this Passover!

9. Personal Pizza Pies with Chef Suzie Gornish by Naomi Nachman, Sunny Side Up

These are not your run-of-the-mill pizza pies!

10. Kishka Stuffed Capons by Living Full ‘N Free

These kishka stuffed capons are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser that you’ll want to make at least twice over the Pesach season. Not only do they taste amazing, but they freeze really well too!

11. Meatloaf with Baked Vegetable Orzo by Supper, Again?

Meatloaf is making a comeback! This recipe makes a super soft and tasty meatloaf.

12. Grilled Peach Crumble by Easy Does It with Esty Wolbe

For summer desserts you’ve done s’mores more times than you can count… how about this grilled peach crumble? Esty Wolbe presents the perfect finishing touch to your BBQ, and the best part? You can let it bake right on the grill while you’re feasting on steaks with family and friends.

13. Taco Takedown | Ep. 1 by Skill’It

Get ready to be blown away as the culinary battle of a lifetime unfolds before your eyes! Brace yourself as four extraordinary chefs enter the ultimate challenge, racing against the ticking clock and enduring intense pressure to flawlessly recreate Lenny’s legendary taco masterpiece.

14. Pear Frangipane Tart With Paula Shoyer by Naomi Nachman, Sunny Side Up

Can French pastry coincide with Pesach dessert? Yes it can! In this Passover episode, Naomi is joined by Paula Shoyer, author of The New Passover Menu and The Holiday Kosher Baker. Watch as Paula breaks down the steps to creating a delectable Pear Frangipane Tart with many tips for how to recreate it in your Pesach kitchen.

15. One-Pot Pargiyot Pasta by Supper, Again?

Rena’s new favorite one-pot pasta will soon be yours as well! This meal is ready in under 30 minutes and it’s a full and filling supper you and your family are sure to enjoy!