Mother’s Day

Shabbat Menu- Just for Mom

Kosher.com Staff June 20, 2021

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I’m not one to stand on ceremony, so I have always had mixed feelings about Mother’s Day. On the one hand, as they say, every day is mother’s day, but on the other hand, do we make a point to celebrate mothers “every-day?”

Is it a Hallmark holiday created to fuel the greeting card industry or a legitimate opportunity to express thanks for the mothers in our lives?

As a mother, does Mother’s Day fanfare feel obligatory or appreciated? I fall somewhere between both camps but I will never say no to a nice note, a thoughtful gesture, and a big hug from my child.

This week we decided to get a head start on the celebration and dedicate a menu to what we think Mom will love.

How do you feel about Mother’s Day? DM us, email us, or drop a quick comment in the community section to continue the conversation!

Happy Cooking!


Silky Roasted Beet Hummus by Shana Balkin

This delightfully sweet, earthy, and tangy take on a classic favorite dip is packed with immunity-boosting and detoxifying vitamins and minerals.

Spring Roasted Artichoke Salad by Chaia Frishman

Jerusalem artichoke A.K.A. the sunchoke, is a veggie lots of people don’t know much about. It’s a nutty, subtly sweet, and tasty root vegetable that resembles ginger (in looks).

Succulent Sweet-Potato Chicken by Brynie Greisman

A unique way to make your chicken. The sweet potato adds a subtle sweetness to the chicken and acts as a sealant to keep the juices locked in. Use the sauce of your preference, or try both!

Coffee-Rubbed Roast by Michal Frischman

The coffee adds a real depth to the roast and plays really nicely off the smokiness of the other spices. Use whatever coffee you like best, but if you don’t want a very overt coffee flavor, go with a light or medium roast.

Pearl Onions in Red Wine Reduction by Daphna Rabinovitch

Pearl onions are the perfect bite-sized side dish that has just the right amount of sweet and savory-ness.

Lemon Meringue Tart with Blueberry Sauce by Janie Chazanoff

Learn how to make elegant lemon meringue tart served with homemade blueberry sauce and meringue topping. The components for this dessert can be prepared in advance and assembled just before serving, making your hosting prep that much easier.