Shabbat Menu- In a Bowl

Kosher.com Staff December 20, 2020

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As candle lighting gets earlier and earlier, it’s hard to find the time to cook a 5-course meal for Shabbos. But who says you need an appetizer, chicken and red meat mains, and multiple side dishes every Shabbos? Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of a bountiful Shabbos table filled with my family’s favorite foods, but sometimes it’s just too much.


Last week I decided to keep our Shabbos food really low-key and made “brisket bowls”. I prepared crockpot bbq brisket, quinoa, coleslaw, and guacamole, and guess what? It was a huge hit! It was so much fun to eat, and we were really happy to take a break from our usual cholent and baked chicken Shabbos lunch. 

So, this week give yourself a break, spend less time running around in the kitchen, and treat your family to these fun all-in-one meals this Shabbos!


Beef Poke Bowls by Faigy Grossman


These poke bowls taste out of this world! They are easy to prepare, and you can swap other veggies for the ones listed, if desired. Oyster steak is a very tender cut of meat and works well, or London broil can be used and it will be delicious, too.


Chicken Caesar Bowl by Victoria Dwek



This delicious and satisfying meal takes about two minutes of hands-on time and just a few more of cooking time.


Vegan Roasted Eggplant Bowl by Sarah Lasry


This delicious, healthy bowl is like eating a colorful rainbow, you can’t go wrong with that!


Falafel Bowl by Victoria Dwek


Looking for a lighter version of the classic falafel and pita? Enjoy this falafel bowl that is bursting with Mediterranean flavors and has a delicious drizzle of tahini on top. 


Salmon “Poke” Bowls with Ginger-Sesame Dressing by Victoria Dwek



This gorgeous plate really enhances the enjoyment of a Shabbat meal. Even if your family members aren’t into raw fish, they can still enjoy the flavors of this “poke-style” bowl, whether you want to cook the salmon or keep it raw.