Shabbat Menu- Special Yet Effortless

Kosher.com Staff May 18, 2021

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Sometimes you want to make something fancy just for the fun of it (especially if it’s just for two adults and therefore the cost won’t be that prohibitive). Other times there’s a special reason for going all out. Using a meal as a vehicle to celebrate someone special is not at all a foreign concept, but we’re all so busy and don’t usually have much time for multistep dinners. 


Therefore, this week we bring you fast and fancy. Dishes that are celebration-worthy, but will come together really quickly. 


The first thing that always comes to mind when I think of this category is lamb chops. They never require more than kosher salt, ground black pepper, fresh garlic, and rosemary, and to be honest, this newsletter may have been inspired by that thought. But let’s expand the inspiration to make a fast, but memorable, meal this Shabbat.

Happy Cooking!



Meatball Wellington by Michal Frischman

Try this bite-sized appetizer that looks fancier than it actually is. It’s an easy and delicious appetizer that will impress your family. 


Rosemary Lamb Chops by Moshe Bloch

Simple, succulent, and perfectly seared rack of lamb from our Skill’it champ! 


Coq au Vin with Gnocchi by Chaia Frishman

Alcohol in the red wine lends a rich flavor to the already moist dark meat chicken cutlets, or choose the smaller and cleaner pargiyot. This dish tasted even better after sitting in the sauce overnight.


White Wine Haricot Verts by Chaia Frishman

Buying a bag of haricot verts, the slimmer and more uniform cousin of string beans, does half the work. With a light infusion of white wine and some delicious shallots (also a smaller and sweeter relative of the onion), this is a simple side. 


Truffles by Estee Kafra

Simple to make and really delicious, these truffles are very smooth and soft.