Shabbat Menu- Sheet Pan Favorites

Kosher.com Staff January 11, 2021

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People assume just because we work at Kosher.com and look at recipes all day that we are always in the mood to cook and make super fancy dishes.


To be honest, that’s not always the case. Sometimes we’re not in the mood to cook, or we have little inspiration and few ingredients. Wanna know how we are still able to put dinner on the table?

Sheet Pan Dinners!

We love being able to throw everything in the oven and forget about it. It is the easiest way to make a healthy, balanced meal with minimal effort. 


This week we made it even easier for you by giving you a full Shabbat dinner menu that can be made in the oven. Take out a few sheet pans and Shabbat dinner will be ready before you know it. 


All-in-one Fresh ’n Simple Baked Fish by Faigy Grossman



Only 10 minutes of prep time for a dish that is  bursting with fresh, lemony flavor and healthy goodness.


Garlic Tomato Confit by Leah Engel



The tomatoes and garlic combined give the perfect sweetness and add an excellent burst of flavor. The most amazing dish with homemade challah for a Friday night meal.


Maple Mustard Sheet Pan Chicken by Molly Hagler



The easiest chicken that is bursting with flavor and takes a few minutes to throw together with minimal dishes – it’s a win-win kind of dish!


Zaatar Rainbow Roasted Carrots by Erin Grunstein



A delicious, easy twist on roasted carrots, a perfect side for any meal.

Coffee Peanut Butter Sheet Pan Dessert by Chanie Nayman



How could you go wrong with a chocolate-peanut butter-coffee dessert? These bars are elevated ice cream sandwiches- enjoy!