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The Art of Edible Gifts

Mussy Raitman November 29, 2018

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By: Mussy Raitman, Lubicom Staff



Handmade gifts. There’s just absolutely nothing like it. Predominantly when they’re edible and look as cute as the ones you’ve pinned on Pinterest. They tick the ‘more personal’ box, and absolutely no one I know can resist a mason jar full of homemade bourbon jam or truffle aioli goodness.


However, although the treats inside need to be delicious, let’s be real, it’s all in the DIY packaging. Start early, and collect random scraps from around the house. This way you can mix and match. My favorite is playing around with random swatches of fabrics and ribbons. Around this time of the year, I also love incorporating twigs and anything earthy or wooden. Use a mason jar as a base and work off it. Add a wooden spoon, cute note with twine or just gather that vellum with a lovely big bow and you’ve got this. Let the creativity flow with materials accessible.


The recipes ideas below make it super easy for you to step up the gift-giving this year. Skip the stress and instead have fun whipping up a treat for the cocktail enthusiast or sweet tooth friend.


Wine Jam:


Leftover wine is never usually a huge issue (there is NO such thing as too much wine), but sometimes when you don’t have a use for that half-empty bottle that wasn’t good to begin with… a sticky wine jam is the answer. Spread this homemade delicacy on just about anything, (it’s totally addictive!) and package it into the perfectly unique hostess gift.


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Hot Toddy:


A fusion of vanilla sweetness, autumn flavors with a kick of bourbon. I’m sold. Hot Toddy’s are literally the quintessential cold-weather cocktail; warming, invigorating and rich with flavor. There are many different variations, but you can’t go wrong with bourbon or whiskey, woody spices (ugh!!), fresh lemon and a natural sweetener. They are light and hydrating, and your grandmother will probably remember this drink as the one that helps reduce those winter colds. Going to a party? You now know what to bring.


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Pumpkin Spiced Biscotti:


It’s the season of pumpkin, and we all have those friends who obsess over anything pumpkin spice (Yes, I’m rolling my eyes). However, even I get sucked into homemade pumpkin flavored things when it involves a perfectly-soft-with-a-pecan-crunch kind of biscotti. Homerun every time. Wrap parchment paper around the biscotti and tie two festive ribbons around the center. Brownie points for the handwritten note tucked under.


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Seven ingredients or two ingredients. I’ll leave the level of complication up to you this time. I will say though; when it comes to truffles it’s not about how many ingredients you use, but the quality you choose. Use quality dates, and you’ll get perfection. Use quality chocolate, and you’ll be tasting paradise. They’re just the most perfect handmade one-bite delicacies that work for anyone at any time. I seriously love how raw you can get with these, and how healthy yet delicate they come out. Craving chocolate. Check. Craving coconut. Check. No space in the oven. No problem. I think I just gave away my secret love for truffles.


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Homemade Granola:


Once you’ve made homemade granola, there is no going back. The best bit about it, you’ll enjoy every single cluster. No need to pick out those raisins you hate. Customize it, jazz it up, add exotic seasonal dried fruit and any dry foods that you know your friend loves. Just make sure you add Silan. Serious game changer for homemade granola. Package it in anything glass and your good to go.


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