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The House of Steak and Wine

Gabriel Geller December 11, 2018

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Sounds like the most boring article ever… After all, it is steak. Just pop a good Cab and be happy. Well, no. While a well-made Cabernet Sauvignon is usually a good pairing with a juicy, tender rib steak, there are so many other options to discover and it would be a shame to pass on some wines that are not just different and interesting, but also often cheaper than the average CabSav.


Furthermore, steaks can be marinated or not, dry aged or not, served with or without a sauce, smoked, koji-rubbed etc. The way you prepare, cook and serve your steak can significantly impact its flavors and texture. I therefore recommend pairing the wine accordingly, as to further enhance the experience.




For a dry-aged rib steak, with its tender texture and umami notes, I recommend an earthy, old world wine, such as the Capçanes La Flor del Flor Samso 2015. The Samso, which means Carignan in Catalan, is an amazing, powerful, complex and multi-layered wine. Try this combination – you’ll thank me later.





For a seared rib steak marinated in wine I would suggest to use the same wine for both the marinade and to drink along with the meal. The Flechas de Los Andes Gran Malbec 2016 is a world-class wine from Argentina. Malbec, especially from the Mendoza region of Argentina produces fleshy, full-bodied wines which pair divinely with a flavorful steak. Flechas de Los Andes is owned and managed by the Rothschild family. The commitment of the Rothschild family to the highest standards of quality is obvious in this wine.





A well-marbled steak seared on the grill for a few minutes on each side requires an equally big wine. Herzog Wine Cellars in California is arguably the king of kosher Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery’s portfolio includes close to 20 expressions of the grape variety, providing a high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon for every palate and budget. The Herzog Special Edition Rutherford 2015 features all the characteristics which have made Napa Valley famous the world over: Fruit-forward, black fruit notes, rich and deep. A true classic.





Israeli wineries have made a name for themselves for crafting fruit-forward, ripe wines that reflect the warm and sunny climate Israel enjoys way over 300 days a year. Nadiv is a relatively newcomer, producing wines from grapes grown in the Judean Hills. Pierre Miodownick is a veteran French winemaker having worked more than 40 harvests in many different countries. He is now at the helm and provides Nadiv with his experience and savoir-faire, and it shows in the wines. The Nadiv Matan 2016 features elegance and precision along with the ripe, fruity characteristics one would expect from an Israeli wine.





If you are going for the classic steak & French fries, a staple in every other French restaurant, then why not go for a great Bordeaux wine? Chevalier de Lascombes 2015 is the second wine of Château Lascombes, a 2nd Grand Cru (Great Classified Growth) from the famed Margaux appellation in Bordeaux. This is a voluptuous wine with opulent ripe red berry fruit and tobacco aromas along with the classic Margaux finesse. Eat a bite of steak, sip some Chevalier de Lascombes, close your eyes and perhaps you will picture the Eiffel Tower while savoring your meal…