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Yeshiva Week: Kid-Friendly Cooking Shows To Watch On Vacation

Kosher.com Staff December 28, 2021

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So the kids are off and you’ve made them amazing colorful pancakes, went on some fun day trips, enjoyed hot cocoa and….the kids are bored again.


Sometimes all they need is some entertainment and down time (that requires little effort on your part). That’s why we’re creating a fun, educational, creative, kid-friendly and parent-approved “tv guide” from some of our amazing shows.


The only downside? Once they start watching, we have a feeling their inner chefs will want to show off their skills in the kitchen. Be prepared for some home-cooked treats made by the kiddos.




  1. Personal Dessert Pizzas with Rylee by Nosh & Nibble
    Rylee’s taking on a project that is fun—and tasty—for everyone at the Chanukah party! She’s showing us how to make personalized dessert pizzas. The topping possiblities are endless, but that won’t stop her from showing us some of her faves!

  2. DIY Snow Globes with Rylee by Nosh & Nibble
    Rylee is back for her final episode of Nosh & Nibble! This time, she’s taking us into her craft corner to show us how to make DIY snow globes—the perfect activity for any winter day!

  3. 3 Ingredient Almond Butter Cookies by Nosh & Nibble
    Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Nathalie’s got the perfect recipe for kids! On this Nosh & Nibble, brought to you by Kosher.com and PJ Library, this recipe is easy, fun, and hands on! Plus it works great with whatever nut butter you have in the house. Peanut butter? Hazelnut spread? Give it a try!

  4. Family Wall Hanging Tree by Nosh & Nibble
    Liora is back on Nosh & Nibble, brought to you by Kosher.com and PJ Library! For her final episode, Liora is showing us one of her favorite crafts—one that is also a perfect sukkah decoration! She even lets her little sister help out!

  5. Ice Cream Cone Drip Cake by Shena’s Sweet Spice
    Don’t cry over spilled ice cream—decorate it! This fun cake is full of surprises, colorful, and delicious! Try it yourself!

  6. S’mores French Toast by Easy Does It
    Summer is slipping away, but this french toast will bring you right back to the campfire no matter what time of year it is! There’s never a bad time for s’mores.

  7. Homemade Pizza Shop Pizza by Living Full ‘N Free
    No need to run out to the pizza store. Rorie’s got an easy—super customizable—pizza you and your kids can make at home!

    Watch all of the amazing episodes in the series below!

  8. Club Jr.
    We’re all connected. Jump in and join the club!

  9. Skill’it
    Featuring Kolev Klein, Moshe Bloch, Moshe Nafisi, BZ Ingber
    Four chefs face off in a nail-biting, white-knuckle contest. Each round brings a new challenge, and the contestants must use all their skill to impress the judges. The host, comedian Elon Gold, adds a dash of humor to lighten the tension. The clock is ticking. There can be only one winner. Who will remain?


  10. Kitchen Kids
    Join kids from all over as they share their favorite recipes!