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Barramundi with Spicy Adobo Sauce

Parve Parve
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When a friend of mine told me about this elegant barramundi dish that she replicated from a great Miami restaurant, I just had to try it. Wow! The flavors are amazing, and the sauce adds a powerful kick. Feel free to drizzle it on anything you like — that’s what we’ve been doing here. And thanks, Shani, for your help!


Prepare the Barramundi


Slice each fish fillet in half horizontally and sprinkle with lemon juice.


Let fish sit for 20–30 minutes and pat dry.


Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.


Place one tablespoon oil in a grill pan (or a frying pan) and heat over high flame until oil is hot.


Place fish fillets into the pan, upper side down, and lower heat slightly. Take care to leave space between the pieces and not to crowd the pan; you may have to grill the fish in two batches. Grill fish for three to four minutes on each side and gently remove from the pan.


Fish should be served warm or at room temperature and is best served fresh. To serve on Friday night, grill as close to Shabbos as possible and do not refrigerate before serving.

Prepare the Sauce


Combine all sauce ingredients in a small bowl and mix well until you have a creamy consistency.

To Serve


Drizzle sauce over fish and top with chopped pistachios.


Combine all slaw ingredients in a second bowl immediately before serving and divide among the eight serving plates, placing at the side of the lettuce cups.


Place two pieces of lettuce on eight plates to form a cup shape. Place one fish fillet in the center of each lettuce cup.


Photography: Moishe Wulliger

Food Styling: Renee Muller