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Berenjenas Confitadas Con Canela (Candied Eggplants with Cinnamon)


This is a sweet Sephardic dish that has traveled far and wide. Mainly consumed by the Sephardim of Spain and Morocco, we find these candied eggplants with cinnamon as far as the Dominican Republic. The pleasures of food know no borders.


Makes 1 large jar


Prepare Berenjenas Confitadas Con Canela


Prick the eggplants and boil them for seven minutes in water (just enough to cover them), with a teaspoon of vinegar. Then, put them in clean cold water for five minutes.


To make the syrup, gently heat water, sugar, and cinnamon in a pan. Do not let it boil.


When the syrup is hot, add the eggplants and cook them very slowly for at least one hour. Do not let the syrup dry out and make sure the eggplants are always submerged. Avoid touching them as they will be very soft and breakable: move the pan instead.


Submerge a jar in boiling water for one minute. Then, get it out and place the candied eggplants in it to keep, or eat them right away.


Reprinted with permission from Sephardi: Cooking the History by Hélène Jawhara-Piñer (The Academic Studies Press, 2021). Click here to purchase.