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Cappuccino Mousse

Parve Parve
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After I created the cookie cake, I ran over to Shaindy’s house in the middle of the night, euphoric with the results, and we started talking about our families’ favorite Pesach desserts. Thank you for sharing this one with me and all our readers! No frills, this recipe hits the spot.



Beat egg whites and both sugars until stiff peaks form. 


Garnish with chocolate coffee beans and refrigerate until ready to serve.


In a separate bowl, beat yolks vigorously with a whisk. 


Melt chocolate over double boiler. Add dissolved coffee granules and brandy and mix well. Add some of the melted chocolate to the yolks to temper them. Pour the yolks into the melted chocolate mixture and mix well. Fold into the whites and mix gently until all is incorporated.