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Chocolate Biscuit Cheesecake


A simple, no-bake cheesecake, this is a great choice for working mothers. All it takes is fifteen minutes of preparation, and you’re done!

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Using a hand beater, beat cheese, Bio yogurts, and sugar. Wait one minute and mix again until sugar is completely dissolved. In mixer, beat heavy cream and milk until thick, but not fully stiff. Lower mixer speed. Add instant pudding mix. Raise mixer speed again and beat until stiff. Fold cream into cheese mixture.


Lightly grease the bottom of a loaf pan. Pour batter into pan. Smooth down surface of cake with flat spoon or spatula.


Pour 1/2 cup milk into a bowl. Dip each chocolate biscuit into milk for several seconds. Insert moist biscuit widthwise into the batter. The biscuit should touch the bottom of the pan. Cut the last row of biscuits with a knife to fit. Smooth the batter over biscuits.


Freeze for six hours. Remove cake from pan and garnish with chocolate: Sprinkle 1/2 of grated milk chocolate in a vertical row over 1/4 of cake. Sprinkle grated white chocolate in the middle of the cake. Sprinkle remaining milk chocolate over last 1/4 of cake.


Store cheesecake in the freezer. Remove approximately 30 minutes before serving. Slice and serve!


If you’re in a rush, you can decorate this cheesecake with chocolate curls, using a peeler and a room-temperature bar of chocolate. Or you can be creative and add chocolate-covered cornflakes, black and white Kliks, or any other chocolate touch.



To create the thick chocolate shavings look pictured here, melt the white chocolate in the microwave. Pour it onto a dry, clean surface and smooth it out into a thin, uniform layer. Allow the chocolate to harden and scrape it off the counter. This will give you a thick shavings look. Repeat with milk chocolate.