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Crispy Lemon Flax Cookies

Parve Parve
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I love lemon anything and I’m used to ground flaxseed in my baking, so I thought it was just me who was partial to these cookies, but then I demonstrated them at a cooking workshop at the Israel Center and the ladies loved them. They do not taste “healthy” and the ground flaxseed adds an incredible nutty flavor. This is a bowl mixed recipe, meaning no dirty mixer! And they taste delicious straight from the freezer!


Make the Cookies


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until well incorporated.


Drop by teaspoonful (or form small balls and place) onto baking sheet lined with Gefen Easy Baking Parchment Paper. Flatten slightly with a fork, if desired.


Bake for 15 minutes or until golden. They will crisp more while cooling.


You can use 1/2 cup whole flaxseeds and omit the ground flaxseed, if preferred.


FYI: Flaxseed (whole or ground) is a real wonder food. It is high in omega 3, protein, and dietary fiber. It can help lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. So how can you reap the benefits of this powerful plant food? Blend into your smoothies, mix into yogurt, add to cereal, and sprinkle on salad or cooked vegetables. Try subbing two or three tablespoons ground flaxseed for some of your flour in chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods.


Props and Styling by Renee Muller

Photography by Hudi Greenberger