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Fantastic Multicolored Quinoa Salad


Thanks again to my mother, who created this delicious, enticing quinoa salad. I know there are a few classic quinoa salads that have been going around for a while, but it is certainly time for a new version! My parents regularly host Shabbos guests from all different backgrounds, and the need to please them with new dishes brings out my mother’s creative side. This salad, with its aromatic dressing, was a hit with her guests. It is truly a fantastic creation.


1. Cook the quinoa in two cups of water according to package directions. Set aside to cool.
2. Preheat oven to broil.
3. Clean two cobs of corn and place them under the broiler for 10 to 12 minutes or until a bit charred, turning halfway through. Remove from oven. When cool, slice the corn kernels off the cob. (You will have two cups of corn kernels.)
4. In a large bowl, combine quinoa, black beans, roasted corn kernels, diced avocado, grape tomatoes, and red onion.
5. Prepare the dressing: In a bowl, combine olive oil, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard, garlic, basil cubes, and Truvia. Blend using an immersion blender. (Alternatively, shake well in a container.)
6. Toss the dressing with the quinoa and vegetables. (You will probably have some extra dressing.)