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Krispie Ice Cream Squares

Parve Parve
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I love this recipe because instead of getting a jumble of small bits of chocolate chips, fudge swirl, nuts or whatever you might get in a tub of ice cream, you get two distinct layers of pure goodness! Not just a bit here and a bit there, but two individually yummy layers, a two-for-one deal! Who doesn’t want that?! With only four ingredients, this dessert made it to my top-five Tasty ‘N Simple dessert list pretty quickly.   Yield: one 9×13 pan


1. To make the crunch, place margarine, peanut butter, and brown sugar in a microwave-safe bowl and place in the microwave for one minute; stir.
2. Mix the Rice Krispies, peanut brittle, and peanut butter mixture together. Place half the crunch at the bottom of a 9×13 pan. Spread the ice cream on top. Place the rest of the crunch on top. Freeze.
3. Cut into squares right before serving.