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Naked Roll with Chile Ponzu Sauce

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Here’s a lower-carb sushi roll with no rice or seaweed- the outer ring of the roll is made from hollowed cucumber. Filled with a trio of tuna loin, yellowtail, and salmon and toped with a homemade spicy ponzu sauce, you are going to love this dish.


Follow along- CAREFULLY- on Rosh Chodesh Club and you’ll master raw fish in no time.


Prepare the Mortar and Pestle for Ponzu


Quarter key lime, de-stem chiles and add to mortar. Grind. Remove rinds after fully ground.


Add soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, sake. Continue to grind up ingredients. Test the ponzu and add more of the previous ingredients to change the flavor to suit your liking if necessary.

Prepare the Naked Cucumber Roll


Quarter and then halve the quarters (1/8ths) of an avocado.


Cut ends off the cucumber. Slice in half. Remove outer layer of cucumber as demonstrated (please be careful!)


Trim tuna as demonstrated. Once the belly or loin (your choice) has been isolated, cut small, thin slices.


Trim Salmon and Yellowtail (belly or loin) into long strips.


Place few slices of tuna and a strip each of the yellowtail and salmon in the cucumber slice along with a slice or two of the avocado and some crispy onions (totally optional).


Roll cucumber up and cut into slices. Set slices onto plate, add ponzu sauce generously to the slices, and garnish with ginger.