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Overnight Oats


It was 4 a.m.; I had woken up and couldn’t fall back asleep. My mind was busy brainstorming these overnight oat flavors (I knew which Greek yogurt flavors I had in the house, so in my dreams I jotted down what I’d top them all with). I told myself: If I fall asleep in the next half-hour, I’m obviously not going to make the oats. If I don’t fall asleep, I’m going to go to the kitchen and prep the oats so that they’re ready in the morning.


I didn’t fall back asleep. Hence, we have breakfast.


Overnight oats are usually made by mixing oats and milk and letting it sit in the fridge overnight, softening the oats. If you use different flavors of Greek yogurt instead and load up the toppings, you get the best and most filling way ever to enjoy yogurt for breakfast. Choose your favorite or design your own combo with any other flavor of Norman’s yogurt. There are so many options—so much fun!


Prepare the Overnight Oats


The night before you want to enjoy it (or in the middle of the night), combine yogurt and oats. Cover and let sit in the refrigerator overnight.


Top your overnight oats and enjoy! You can layer or top your yogurt with fruit either at night or in the morning, but save the crunchy toppings for the morning.


Photos by Esti Photography