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Rocky Road No-Bake Cheesecake


Delectable, delicious, luscious, scrumptious… just plain yummy cheesecake! And best of all, no complicated baking instructions to follow.

For more delicious cheesecakes like this one, see our post The Ultimate Cheesecake Roundup.   Yield: 16 servings (2 pies)


Prepare the Cheesecake

1. Melt one ounce chocolate in microwave or double boiler. Set aside.
2. In mixer, on medium speed, beat cream cheese, sugar, and milk until well blended. Add melted chocolate; mix well.
3. In separate bowl, beat dessert topping until soft peaks form.
4. Gently fold topping, marshmallows, and peanuts into cream cheese mixture.
5. Coarsely chop remaining two ounces chocolate and add in. Spoon into pie crusts.
6. Top with chocolate shavings and chill until firm.


As a substitute for chocolate squares, you can use one ounce of chocolate chips melted, plus two ounces mini chocolate chips.


Photography and Styling by Chavi Feldman
Food Prep by Chaya Ruchie Schwartz