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Spinach Pesto Pasta

Parve Parve
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My neighbor Naomi M. and I often make a Shabbos switch. We each double different dishes and make a swap. Why not share what you’re already making in exchange for something new to try? One Shabbos, she presented this delicious salad in exchange for a strawberry shortcake. I love this take on pesto and the huge iron intake from the spinach. I’m still not sure who got the better end of the deal.



Squeeze out the liquid from the spinach. In a food processor, combine spinach, garlic, oil, salt, and pepper. Pulse until smooth.


Toss spinach pesto with angel hair pasta.


When most people think of pesto, they think of the strong flavor of basil. Pesto is not exclusive to basil. You can always substitute parsley, mint, coriander, or spinach leaves. A basic recipe of pesto includes one or more of these leaves, oil, and garlic. Many add nuts for texture as well as cheese. You can use a basic recipe and tweak it around to make it according to your specific tastes.