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Sweet Chili Eggplant

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Submitted by Chanala Hoffman

We first moved to Israel and right away we got into the dips scene. There is one particular dips store, “the Gerrer guy” that our extended family bought from who has the best dips. After a couple of weeks of indulging, we realized it was getting pretty expensive…so I decided to learn how to make his dips all on my own! I found a basic marinated eggplant recipe and upgraded it to make it my own. Now people come for Shabbos and I always get asked for the recipe…I’m thinking of opening my own version of the “Gerrer guy’s” store!



  • 3-4 eggplants (preferably smaller, as they taste better)

  • Half a head of garlic (1-2 cloves per batch)

  • a pinch of salt (per batch)

  • 3 tablespoons vinegar

  • 2 tablespoons sugar

  • 2 tablespoons sweet chili sauce (I use Osem but others have worked well when I ran out)

  • oil, for frying


Prepare the Eggplant


Wash the eggplants and cut off the ends.


Cube the eggplants to small chunks, about 1/2 an inch (it’s not an exact science, don’t worry).


Set 1-2 inches of oil to heat up on a medium high flame.


Peel and slice the garlic so that you have it when you need it.


In small batches, so it doesn’t crowd the pan and get soggy, fry the eggplant.


When the eggplant is almost fully golden, add some slices of garlic to the pan to fry along with it. You don’t want the garlic to burn, so add only towards the end and at that point keep an eye on it.


Remove the eggplant from the pan with a slotted spoon so as not to get all the oil and add it to a bowl. Sprinkle with salt.


Finish off frying and then add the rest of the ingredients. I like to add the sugar first so that it melts into the warm eggplant and then make sure everything is mixed well. If you want, you can add extra of the marinade as it only makes things better.


Pour into a covered container and enjoy! We use it on everything from burgers to our challah on Shabbos.  


  -This recipe freezes well so I make a lot and freeze one container for when I’m running off schedule.
-You can add sesame seeds for extra crunch and flavor; personally my husband get a little tired of sesame seeds on everything here…
-Taste the finished product after you mix it all up. It won’t taste the same after it sits for awhile, but some people like it with a bit more bite (vinegar) and some like it smoother and sweeter. Personalize it for your family.
-Serve with techina for a yummy combo!
Sweet Chili Eggplant

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