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Wedding/Anniversary Cake Cookies

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Every celebration needs a cake—or a cake on a cookie! The colors of this elegant cookie work well for a wedding or an anniversary, but change them up and add more flowers and you have the perfect indulgence for a birthday.


Note: Very little pale green icing is needed for this design, so make a small amount.


Prepare the Wedding/Anniversary Cake Cookies


Fill a tipless piping bag with the piping- and flood-consistency light blue icings. Use the piping-consistency icing to pipe the outline of the cookie, then flood the outline with the flood-consistency icing. Allow it to fully dry for eight to 12 hours, or overnight. Once the base is fully dry, fill a tipless piping bag with the medium-consistency white icing, then pipe some icing onto the back of the square royal icing transfer.


Position the transfer on the upper section of the cookie, then gently push into place.


With the medium-consistency white icing, pipe a thin rectangular shape just below the square cake. (You can use a scribe tool to etch the outline for the cake stand, if desired.) This will be the cake stand. Place in front of a table fan and allow this section to just crust over, five to 10 minutes.


With the white icing, pipe a triangular shape in the middle of the cake base. Again, place in front of a table fan to crust over for a few minutes.


Just below the triangle, pipe a circle. Place in front of a table fan for a few minutes.


Repeat step five to pipe a total of five circles and let crust over for a few minutes.


Pipe another elongated triangle at the bottom of the cake stand. Allow the details to dry for at least two to four hours before painting the cake stand with the luster dust. The table fan will speed up the process.


Mix the gold luster dust in a paint palette with the alcohol or clear extract. Carefully paint the cake stand, ensuring it does not get on the cookie base.


Pipe some royal icing onto the back of a mini rosette and adhere it to the top left corner of the cake.


Fit a piping bag with the leaf tip and fill with piping-consistency pale green icing. Pipe leaves on either side of the flower. Allow the details to completely dry for at least six hours prior to packaging.


Text and photographs © 2022 Emma’s Sweets Ltd. from The Beginner’s Guide to Cookie Decorating : Easy Techniques and Expert Tips for Designing and Icing Colorful Treats by Mary Valentino. Published by Quarry Books, an imprint of Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc.