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Set For Spring/Shavuot

Set For Spring/Shavuot

The warm weather is finally upon us, and with it comes the undeniable charm of alfresco settings, overflowing florals and earthy color palettes. Shavuot gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate both this beautiful holiday and the introduction of summer.

I have chosen to do this tablescape for its simplicity, accessibility and achievability. This table is an easy “do-it-yourself” that is perfect for any outdoor wedding, birthday party, BBQ, or any chic, yet casual, socially distant entertaining.

Instead of complicated, compact floral arrangements, all of the flowers on my table are loose. I used a lot of flowering branches for texture like honeysuckle, spirea, and viburnum. Delicate white and cream flowers, such as anemone, ranunculus and lisianthus, were placed throughout.

To create depth on the table, I added succulents in various shapes and sizes. Simply cut the stems and place in vases to get a simple, yet elegant look. There is no “one size fits all” here, so I collected an array of vases of all shapes and sizes and spread them throughout my table, creating a soft and airy look.

I also added some outdoor, rustic appeal with the wooden goblet covers, earth-toned wooden chairs and the addition of pale sage and white, and scattered a few decorative Baccarat butterflies and flowers to enhance the garden and country feeling of this table.

I also added a touch of trend with the raffia seagrass goblets. Be prepared to see colored glass like this heading into the next few seasons. Even the flatware has a touch of color instead of your traditional stainless steel brass set.

Usually, I feature a chef in all of my creations, but this time I decided to be my own chef! I have put together an easy brunch that can also be served as a light dinner and included my recipes to go along with the succulent and soft green vibe of this table.

Rachel’s Sweet and Savory Shavuos Recipes:

 Green Apple Boston Lettuce Salad Recipe

 Potato and String Bean Dome Salad Recipe

 Roasted Artichokes and Brussels Sprouts Recipe

 Portabello Pappardelle Pasta Recipe

 Sweet & Savory Cheese Board Recipe

 Rachel’s Red Onion Vinaigrette Recipe and  Maple Dijon Dressing Recipe

For a simple side dish, top crostini with your favorite dip or spread and garnish with fresh herbs.


 Vanilla Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Garnish- @frostingsandco

 Grape Wreath Cheesecake- @frostingsandco

 Lemon Biscotti and Vanilla Crinkle Cookies- @primeeventsbymc

Limonana Urban Pops- @urbanpops

All of the products used in this tablescape were carefully and painstakingly selected. A big thank you to the following vendors for bringing my dreams to life!

@the_table_nj– Stemware, chargers, tablecloths, napkins

@mehlroseny– Vases and dinnerware

@thestampstudio- Personalization of place cards

@setyourtablenj– Baccarat vases and all designer decorative tableware

@shoptheavenue– Raffia goblet covers

@frostingsandco– Cakes

@primeeventsbymc– Lemon biscotti and vanilla crinkle cookies

@urbanpops– Limonana pops

Bbpartyrentals.com– Table and chairs

@picandpetal– Florals and photography

I hope this table fuels all of your creative inspirations! Chag Sameach and Bon Appetit!

XO Rachel Ostroy