Shabbat Menu- Traditional

Kosher.com Staff February 25, 2021

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At Kosher.com we’re always excited to share the next food trends, to introduce our readers to something new that will make dinner fun and fresh. But for today’s roundup, we’re taking another tack. I wouldn’t really call this a trend, because it’s always there for us to return to. I’m talking about foods that bring us back to our bubbys’ tables, like schnitzel and cholent, with the perfect potato kugel as the mascot of the team.

The critical thing with these old-time favorites is giving each dish the proper TLC so that they come out RIGHT. Yes, the perfectly crispy, well salted schnitzel needs love and attention.

This week, our Shabbos collection is focused on just this- some heimishe favorites for a real feel-good measure. Give it TLC, and it will certainly deliver the same TLC on a plate.

Happy Cooking!



Saucy Sweet Pastrami Roast by Chanie Nayman

Pastrami is a real classic and always tastes good – especially on Shabbat! This recipe adds delicious and different spices to kick it up a notch.


Lazy Man’s Cholent by Leah Schapira

This cholent takes minimal prep work and tastes flavorful and delicious! It’s perfect for a crowd and super easy to make!


Potato Flanken Kugel (Yapchik) by Victoria Dwek and Leah Schapira

This unique take on the classic potato kugel melts in your mouth and is packed with meaty flavors that complement the potato so well!


Smoked Paprika Schnitzel by Yaniv Cohen

These juicy, tender, and delicious schnitzels feature a refreshing kick of flavor with the smoked paprika and other unique spices added into the egg!


Supreme Kokosh Cake from the Nitra Cookbook

Although making kokosh cake surely requires some extra effort, it’s well worth it for those yummy layers of chocolate goodness! This recipe includes eight delicious filling variations for whatever your favorite is! You can even try this no-margarine version of kokosh cake here!