Shabbat Menu- Recipes Kids Can Make

Kosher.com Staff January 27, 2021

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I always try to give my kids opportunities to play around in the kitchen, but sometimes I feel like I’m always giving a precursory clause.


First, we need to clean it before you start taking out ingredients. First, I need to serve lunch. First, I need to brace myself for this. (No, I don’t say that out loud!) So I wish I could say it was a natural thing that obviously happens in the kitchen of a food editor all the time, but it does require forethought and necessitates planning. 

But after I take a deep breath, I’m always happy I was able to give them the opportunity.


Shabbat Shalom,

Chanie Nayman


Pretzel-Crusted Chicken from the Dining In Cookbook

Delicious and kid-friendly. You can use whole-grain pretzels and the results will be just as good, only healthier!


Triple the Fun Meat Pizza by Chanie Nayman

This delicious pizza is topped with dark chicken meat, beef fry, and pastrami with a drizzle of spicy garlic mayo, making this dish a real showstopper!


Oatmeal Apple Cherry Kugel from the Dining In Cookbook

This is a great side dish for Friday night. It can be prepared on Thursday, refrigerated overnight, and baked fresh Friday afternoon. Tastes great hot, warm, or cold.


Sprinkle Cookies from the Dining In Cookbook

This recipe produces plenty of kid-approved, colorful cookies! A wonderful Shabbos treat.


No Bake Fudge Balls by Naomi Hazan

These No-Bake Fudge Balls are egg-free, gluten-free, and are the perfect, chewy, dessert treat!


Jello Slush by Victoria Dwek


One of the cool things about jel desserts is that they don’t get rock-solid when you freeze them. A fun Shabbat treat for the kids!