Check Out How Your Favorite Influencers Created Their 2024 Mishloach Manot In Minutes!

Avigael Levi March 12, 2024

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Sponsored by Gefen

We’re all on the hunt for quick and fabulous Mishloach Manot ideas! After all, we want to level up our Mishloach Manot every year, but without added stress (or breaking the bank).

This year, we’re bringing back our Gefen Mishloach Manot initiative, brought to you by the influencers you love.

We’ll show you how these creative masterminds put together stunning Mishloach Manot packages in minutes, on both our Instagram page, and right here on the site so you won’t miss a beat. We’re also including links to the products used so you can easily recreate them yourselves!

Below are all the fabulous Mishloach Manot. Simply click on the one you want to learn more about, and you’ll be taken straight to their how-to video!

Thank you to our talented contributors for their creative ideas and inspiration. We hope you love them as much as we do!

1. Raizy Fried’s “Have a SOUPer Purim” Mishloach Manot

2. Chanie Nayman’s “Acai Bowl” Mishloach Manot

3. Dini Klein’s “Israeli Cuisine” Mishloach Manot

4. Faigy Reiner’s “Fondue Kit” Mishloach Manot

5. Chanie Apfelbaum’s “Sourdough + Dip” Mishloach Manot

6. Chez Chaya’s “Sending Love Your Way” Mishloach Manot

7. Faigy Murray’s “Shakshuka Kit” Mishloach Manot

8. Rachel Berger’s “Lunchbox” Mishloach Manot

9. Naomi Nachman’s “Travel” Mishloach Manot