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Horseradish Makes a Comeback

Mussy Raitman April 1, 2019

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By: Mussy Raitman, Lubicom Staff

As an avid food trend watcher, I like to keep a close eye on what’s trending in the food industry.

2018 was the year when kombucha became the new cider (I’m hooked!), and even though we’re just a couple of months into 2019, it looks like we have a winner: horseradish.

Eating horseradish root (the “bitter herb,” or marror) is one of the central rituals of the Passover Seder. Who knew it could also be a significant recipe enhancer?


Whether I’m walking down Trader Joe’s chips aisle (go and buy their horseradish and chives potato chips – insanely good!) or merely browsing the dip section, horseradish is EVERYWHERE, and I’m totally loving it. My favorite discovery so far has got to be Trader Joe’s hummus with freshly ground horseradish. Literally, the perfect flavor combination.

Although I am proclaiming this a 2019 trend, my mother just told me she has been using horseradish for years in her Pesach cooking.

Backtrack to a couple of years ago, my family was all home in Australia for Passover, and my mother – who refuses to serve the same thing twice (thanks, Mum) – needed a unique aioli for some grilled zucchini she was serving.

We are extremely strict on Pesach and eat no processed foods, so we have to get really creative with the flavors and textures of veggies, fruits, and protein.

After making homemade mayonnaise, my mother took a small spoonful of the leftover marror and made an aioli like no other. No longer do we only have the option of eating homemade tomato sauce with our handmade fries, but now we have a delicious aioli with that perfect kick.

I picked out some of my favorite recipes using horseradish. It might cause a lot of teary eyes whilst preparing, but it’s so worth the effort.

These dishes are perfect for Passover.

  1. Kicked-Up Coleslaw by Estee Kafra
  2. Brisket with Horseradish Crust by Estee Kafra
  3. Scotch Fillet Rib Eye with Rosemary Potatoes and Horseradish Cream by Sharon Lurie
  4. Potato Nest Appetizers by Daphna Rabinovitch

Save these recipes to make year-round.

  1. Beety Bloody Mary by Beetology
  2. Pickled French Roast with Sweet and Sour Sauce by Kiki Fisher
  3. Horseradish Sauce by Gabe Garcia
  4. Kani Avocado Salad by the Gush Gourmet