Shabbat Menu- Spring Produce Inspired

Kosher.com Staff April 14, 2021

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I love going produce shopping!


My local produce shop sells a huge variety and unique types of fruits and vegetables.


There is nothing like produce that is in season; you can’t compare the flavor, juiciness, and overall taste. I tend to buy and cook with in-season produce as much as possible. Therefore, my menu is always changing as the seasons are.


Now that spring has arrived, I can’t wait for all the delicious spring and summer produce (especially all the summer fruit, it’s my favorite!) What’s your favorite in-season produce? Let us know!


Shabbat Shalom!


Cauliflower and Leek Soup by Rivky Kleiman


Always looking for a new and different soup? This easy-to-prepare soup is the perfect addition to any menu!


Shallot and Fennel Chicken by Rorie Weisberg

When creating a healthy main, avoiding sugary sauces is a must. This recipe is unique and elegant without excess sugar. 


Sugar Snap Peas…All Dressed Up by Estee Kafra

The vibrant green, purple, and yellow is always so beautiful next to brown meat and chicken and potato kugel. This can be served at room temperature, creating a sort of side dish/salad hybrid.


Blistered Asparagus with Cilantro Balsamic Drizzle by Chanie Nayman


When it comes to Shabbat, we love dressing up the standard roasted veggie, and this answers that need well. Psst. Use the dressing on everyyythinggggg!!


Carrot Cake from the Nitra Cookbook

Add this classic cake to your repertoire with this easy, simple-to-prepare recipe.


Fruity Cake with Crumbly Topping by Temi Philip

This fruit cake works for every season, occasion, or mood. Just swap in and out your favorite or seasonal fruit and your family will be calling dibs for the last piece every time.