Shabbat Menu- Lightened Up

Kosher.com Staff April 7, 2021

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This particular Shabbat is a special one because it is the week of Shlissel Challah. 


This tradition has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Shlissel challah is challah shaped to look like a key – or some people actually bake keys inside their challah (well-wrapped, don’t worry!).

The tradition is all about bringing blessings into our homes, with a special emphasis on parnasah (livelihood). 

Whether or not it is your custom to make challah this week, you can still learn all about this beautiful tradition here.

Shabbat Shalom,



Garden Shlissel Challah by the Challah Mummy

If you plan on making Shlissel Challah this Shabbat, this recipe will really elevate your table. 


Bruschetta Chicken by Elky Friedman

This delicious low-carb chicken breast dish is an upgrade from your run-of-the-mill schnitzel.


Broccoli Mini Kugels by Rivkah Krinsky

Incorporating colorful, tasty vegetable side dishes will keep you satisfied, and, most importantly, you and your guests will enjoy your Shabbat meal.


Bright and Fresh Slaw by Michal Frischman

This quick and easy slaw can be prepped and ready in a few minutes and is the perfect salad to add to your Shabbat table.


One-Pan Glazed Green Beans by Victoria Dwek

These one-pan green beans are light, crispy, and bursting with flavor!


Fruit Soft Serve by Rorie Weisberg

Here’s a delectable frozen treat everyone can enjoy, with a subtle balance of healthy fats from the nut butter. Make it your own by changing up the fruits as you like!