Shabbat Menu- Raise the Heat

Kosher.com Staff May 18, 2021

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This week’s menu is inspired by spicy food! It’s the kind of dish that most people either love or hate. I come from a family that loves spicy food; my dad’s go-to condiment is hot sauce and he’ll add it on anything to ‘elevate’ it’s flavor.

Some people prefer super spicy while others can only handle a mild spice. Each individual person has different levels of heat that they like. We chose dishes that have varying levels of heat, so there’s something for everyone.


(And whether you’re a spice lover or not, most of these dishes can be made not spicy at all or made to the level you feel comfortable with – just add a little more or less heat than called for in the recipe.)


Happy Cooking!



“Rabbi’s Heat” Jalapeno Dip by Rabbi Hanoch Hecht

This spicy jalapeno dip was featured on the Food Network and got rave reviews from the judges. It’s a staple in our home every Shabbat, and our guests beg for the recipe.


Spicy Gefilte Fish Balls by Rabbi Hanoch Hecht

Many of us love the smell and taste of gefilte fish, but after eating it week after week, Shabbat after Shabbat, it can get a bit stale. This recipe is a great way to elevate the fish to something totally different, yet still give you the comfort of the Shabbat table.


Hot and Crispy Chicken with Mango Slaw by Susie Fishbein

The chicken is spicy hot, yet sweet at the same time. The slaw puts it over the top.


Thai Beef Noodles by Elizabeth Kurtz

These Thai noodles are a delicious balance of flavors and textures between spicy, crunchy, and tangy!


Roasted Cauliflower with Maple Sriracha Dip by Sina Mizrahi

The cauliflower is dressed in savory spices, with thyme giving it an extra depth of flavor. Roasting brings out the vegetable’s natural sweetness, which is further enhanced by a mildly spicy sriracha dip that gives the cauliflower an unexpected tang.