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Shabbat Menu- Delicious and Quick

Shabbat Menu- Delicious and Quick

We all share many things in common, like love of comfort food (whatever that may mean to you) and love of all foods that are super fast and super easy, yet high on the delicious scale.

I never make complicated things when I’m having a ‘just us’ Shabbat, but somehow sheet pans full of flavor and color manage to appear. I can promise you one thing: they were not hard to throw together. It’s just about getting it all done on a short Friday!

I am lucky enough to have my kids in school on Friday until 2, so I usually take advantage of my Fridays by getting in a morning Zumba class. After that, there’s still some time to cook before the kids come home, but I do try to prep some on Thursday night, and I certainly do my main Shabbat shopping on Thursday.

Even with all that, I am always racking my brain for quick yet delicious things to make that are not more of the same in another variation. This week, we’ve collected recipes for your Shabbat menu that are exactly what I have in mind when I rattle off my punch list of Shabbat menu needs!

Happy cooking!



Olive and Tomato Dip by Victoria Dwek


Aren’t you always looking for a new dip? This one is flavor-packed and it couldn’t be easier. And as a bonus, it’s not mayo based. One pan—scratch that—one zip in the food processor, and you’re done!


Zucchini-Broccoli Soup with Duck-Fry Croutons by Chaia Frishman


Although the duck may look like a supporting character, it’s the star of the show in this warming, quick, and easy soup.


Winter Green Salad by Brynie Greisman

Bursting with color, flavor, and texture, this salad has it all and is perfect for the winter!


Honey-Mustard Chicken by Leah Schapira

This is one of our staple, go-to chicken recipes. This recipe is so versatile, and you can use any produce that’s in season or sitting in your vegetable drawer – or none at all! One ingredient you can’t skip, though, is those onions.


Chimichurri Potatoes by Zehava Krohn

Roasted baby potatoes smothered in herbs: a delicious and fresh take on the classic supper side dish.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream by Estee Kafra

The cookie dough bakes into a soft sheet of deliciousness, combined with a vanilla ice cream for a cookie dough ice cream that is sure to be a hit with adults and kids alike!