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Shabbat Menu- Perfect for Winter

Shabbat Menu- Perfect for Winter

Last night on Instagram, we ran a cute little impromptu contest where we told everyone to send us a screenshot of their weather app. The person with the coldest temps will get a special Hybernation VIP box. Watching the pics come in from Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Montreal, our world just felt tinier as we all commiserated with each other over dropping temps, school closings, and indoor activities (read: baking). It’s almost inevitable; we connect with each other in so many ways, this was yet another way to feel the achdut.


We collected winter recipes for you to include on your Shabbat menu, because hey, even if it’s cold outside, we can still embrace what winter has to offer.

Happy cooking!



Flanken-Mushroom-Cauliflower Soup by Chanie Nayman

There’s nothing that screams comfort food for a cold Shabbat night more than a hearty meat soup. You’ll go back to this one all winter long for a great meal-in-a-bowl recipe.


Citrus Spinach Salad with Creamy Orange Ginger Dressing by Chanie Nayman

The sweet and tanginess of the fruit mixed with the spinach gives this salad the perfect balance of flavors and crunch! It’s also a perfect way to use all your winter fruits.


Orange Glazed Chicken by Estee Kafra

The orange flavor dresses up your everyday chicken, making it a wonderful choice for a special meal.


Roasted Apples and Parsnips by Elizabeth Kurtz

This mix of parsnips and apples is one of our favorite ways to roast parsnips. It adds the perfect sweetness and crunch. 


Orange Biscotti from the Dining In Cookbook

These biscotti are the perfect Shabbat treat, and they are delicious dipped in tangerine or orange herbal tea!