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Shabbat Menu- Room Temp

Shabbat Menu- Room Temp

My kids’ last day of school was today. So I decided to ask my daughter (age 7) if she has anything she would like to share with everyone in regard to summer cooking. 


“Oh, no one should cook in the summer!”, she said. 

“So then what will everyone eat?”, I asked. 


“I have an idea! Everyone should cook when it’s cooler outside, at night!” she replied. 

“That’s a great idea! I’ll tell everyone!”


I think she’s on to something. 

We also took heat into consideration when planning this week’s recipes. Cool, room temp meals are the best in the summer, and the fun starts…now!

Happy cooking!



Gazpacho by OU Kosher

This cold soup is a perfect refresher for those warm summer days!


Watermelon Matchstick Salad by Chanie Nayman

Cutting up a watermelon into matchsticks and tossing it with a few other super-fresh ingredients creates the perfect summer salad! It was an instant hit for everyone who tried it!


“Zebra” Grilled Chicken by Hudi Greenberger

This recipe can work with chicken breast/cutlets or with boneless chicken bottoms (aka dark meat cutlets). We used both. The white meat looks prettier, but the dark meat cutlets have way more flavor. Your call!


Summer Lamb Chili by Tamar Teitelbaum

Summer Lamb Chili is a rich and hearty dish, filled with Mediterranean flavors. It’s perfect for a Shabbat lunch!


Barley Summer Salad by Gil Marks

This chilled salad is made with barley and delicious summer veggies! Enjoy this fresh colorful salad. 


Plum Galette by Rivky Kleiman

Everyone will think this dish took so much preparation, but in reality, it can be assembled in just a few minutes. So take advantage of summer’s bounty and prepare a galette that’s ready in no time and tastes positively divine.


Summer-Fruit Sangria by Rivky Kleiman

A fun and flavorful way to stir up the tastes of summer.