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The 5 BEST Passover Desserts Are Right Here!

The 5 BEST Passover Desserts Are Right Here!

Photography by Sara Goldstein


Passover foods, desserts in particular, have come a long way in the past few years.


Gone are the days when desserts for Passover taste like dry cardboard, or are a laughing stock at the table. These days, desserts like brownies, cakes, cookies, and biscotti somehow taste just like our favorite year-round treats.


Of course this is amazing, but this also creates a problem for me personally (and probably most of you). “Which desserts ACTUALLY taste amazing?” “How will I know which ones are duds and will be a letdown at my table?” No one wants to waste time baking recipes that won’t taste good.


The route I usually go in is I look for recipes that have many amazing reviews on Kosher.com or recipes that have “gone viral” on social media.


Below we’ve brought you some of those recipes. They are all highly rated and are super popular here on Kosher.com. They are foolproof and beautiful and will be complete hits at your table!



Chocolate Cake:

Nothing beats a delicious cake on Passover. This one has rave reviews and is made in one bowl. It’s the perfect recipe to have in your holiday repertoire.



Chocolate Chip Cookie

You just can’t have Passover without a great chocolate chip cookie on the table. I find that nut butters make all the difference. They add a rich, chewy texture that is just as delicious as the recipes made year-round.




These blondies are light, fluffy, and have a great texture. Try it and you’ll see why we love it.





 These brownies are seriously fudgy and dense – and, yes, are kosher for Passover. Believe it or not, they don’t contain any flour. Chocolate lovers, beware.




Sponge Cake:

This grated chocolate cake is a perfect finale to a Yom Tov seudah. It’s so impressive and tasty that it doesn’t even need to be crowned with icing. Try it and you’ll agree — it really tastes chometzdig!