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The Best Wines To Put In Mishloach Manot

Gabriel Geller March 7, 2022

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Purim is upon us, and we are now deep into the preparations. Which costumes our children (and ourselves!) will wear, the menu for the seuda, who the guests will be, the megillah reading times, etc. And, of course, the mishloach manot.



Including a bottle of wine in the mishloach manot is customary for many, but it is not always simple. A bottle of wine is big and heavy, and when you give dozens of mishloach manot to friends and relatives, it can get quite expensive and tedious. Thankfully, the selection of smaller wine bottles and cans has grown tremendously. Many wines are available in small format to fit nearly every budget and palate. Sure, the classic Bartenura Moscato is available in both a 375-ml bottle and in a trendy can.




Let’s discuss wines that you do not typically expect to find in a smaller size. Take for instance Château Roubine. Located in France’s Provence region, it is one of the world’s best producers of rosé wines. Think about a lovely newlywed couple to whom you would like to gift a thoughtful package. The Château Roubine Premium Cru Classé Rosé is now available in a 375-ml format, perfect for a picnic. They’ll be thrilled. If perhaps they prefer a sweet wine, the small bottle of Herzog Late Harvest Chenin Blanc is an amazing choice. This is not the only option in the dessert wine department. For those who appreciate a more luxurious wine, the Covenant Zahav Late Harvest Chardonnay and the Carmel MacPhee Vineyard Late Harvest Gewürztraminer are both fantastic, and they come in a 375-ml bottle, as well.





But, you must be thinking, what about the reds? Not to worry, there is also a lot to choose from in that category. Shiloh winery now offers its Shor Cabernet Sauvignon in a small bottle. It is a rich, opulent wine with ripe black fruit, spices, and toasted oak notes. On the higher end of the spectrum, the elegant and complex Herzog Single Vineyard Kabb Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon is long sold out in the standard 750-ml format, but it’s still available in 375-ml.



If you’re looking for a nice, elegant, restrained French wine to gift for Purim but without breaking the bank, then the 375-ml format of Château Les Riganes is certainly worthy of consideration.


Last but certainly not least, frozen wine and cocktail pops are yet additional and appropriate items to consider this Purim season. Bartenura has the delicious Froscato wine ice pops. Please be advised that this product is not approved for Passover consumption. Another favorite is Cooloo, with their frozen cocktail pops in several expressions such as Cosmo and Pina Colada.


With such a vast array of wines and spirits to choose from, you can be sure to put a great smile on the faces of those who will receive your mishloach manot this year. Happy Purim!