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Challah Week: 8 Ways to Repurpose Challah for Sunday Brunch

Kosher.com Staff April 26, 2022

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We’ve all got challah bread left over after Shabbat. So why not repurpose the leftovers to make something amazing for Sunday morning brunch? 


From French toast (like you’ve never seen) to bread pudding and savory breakfast sandwiches, we’ve got something for everyone!


Psst, you might want to save some of these recipes for Mother’s Day!




  1. Overnight French Toast Bake by Rorie Weisberg
    This recipe can be made with any type of leftover challah — gluten free, spelt, spelt sourdough, you name it! — so it’s a no-brainer Sunday morning breakfast. Put it together on Motzaei Shabbos and pop it in the oven about an hour before your family is ready for breakfast. Serve with coconut cream or yogurt and top with fresh fruit, or keep things traditional with good old maple syrup.

  2. Cinnamon Chocolate Crock-Pot Bread Pudding by Sima Kazarnovsky
    Is there anything more indulgent than melted chocolate chips in a creamy, custardy, bread pudding, topped with cinnamon and sugar? No. No, there is not. Also, your kitchen is going to smell incredible.

  3. French Toast with Vanilla Butter by Sharon Zwickler
    Slather this great vanilla butter on HOT French toast and have the delicious goodness melt in. Yum..

  4. Rich Chocolate “Babka” Pudding by Estee Kafra
    Bread pudding has become a favorite way to use leftover challah. It’s an incredibly rich and tasty dessert, and so simple to make! Check out my favorite recipe for bread pudding in my cookbook Cooking Inspired. Last week I actually had a whole babka left over from Shabbos (hard to believe, I know), and I didn’t want it to be thrown out, so I decided to treat it like I do any other leftovers… to remake it. Let’s just say there were no leftovers of this one.

  5. Overnight Baked Maple Pecan French Toast by Annalise Thomas

    There’s nothing better than knowing that your breakfast the next morning is almost done for you. This french toast is special enough to serve for company but also easy enough to make anytime you feel like it!

  6. Fried Eggplant and Feta on Pretzel Challah by Sina Mizrahi
    The smoky eggplant complements the spicy harissa and salty feta, all contrasted with the pillowy-soft challah, yielding a sandwich that’s a medley of interesting flavors and textures. I used wholegrain pretzel challah from a popular Los Angeles bakery, but any type of challah will do.

  7. Granola French Toast by Victoria Dwek
    Looking to add a little crunch to your breakfast? Granola french toast is a crowd-pleaser every time!

  8. French Toast Eggs-in-a-Hole by Victoria Dwek
    One slice of toast? Eh, not so filling. A couple egg whites? Double eh, not filling at all. But … put them together in a dish like this (and let cinnamon, vanilla, and sweetener help you out) … now that’s a great breakfast (and you can make the kid-friendly version at the same time!). And like breakfasts should, it takes just a couple minutes to prep and cook. Tailor it to your own needs by adding more toast or egg whites (it’s ok if they spill around the toast and don’t all fit in the hole).