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Green and White Cabbage Salad


If you’re looking for a refreshing salad that’s not too sweet, this is for you. The lime zest gives it that really fresh flavor.


Prepare Salad

1. For the candied almonds, place sugar on the bottom of a clean pan and almonds on top of sugar.
2. Allow sugar to caramelize, stirring constantly until sugar turns an amber color and almonds are coated.
3. Remove from pan and place on Gefen Parchment Paper to cool.
4. Whisk together dressing ingredients.
5. To assemble, place salad ingredients in a large bowl and add dressing.
6. Top with a handful of candied almonds.


If Dijon mustard is unavailable, you can substitute with a pinch of grated horseradish.


Photography: Daniel Lailah

Styling: Amit Farber