Recipe by Chavi Feldman

Potato Salami Bake

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6 Servings
1 Hour, 30 Minutes

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This sheet-pan side is as pretty as it is delicious. The crispy salami pairs well with the creamy potato base and adds loads of flavor, making it a real crowd-pleaser. Yields 20 squares


Main ingredients

  • 5 pounds (2 and 1/2 kilograms) Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled

  • 2 tablespoons salt

  • 6 tablespoons margarine, melted

  • 2 tablespoons oil

  • 2 large Spanish onions, diced

  • 40 slices hard salami (thinly sliced), divided

  • 7 eggs, beaten

  • 1 and 1/4 cups flour


Prepare the Potato Salami Bake


Place potatoes in a large pot with enough water to cover. Add salt and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until potatoes are very soft, about 20 minutes. Drain potatoes and mash well, using a potato masher. Add margarine while potatoes are still hot and mix well to incorporate.


While potatoes are cooking, heat oil in a large frying pan. Add onions and sauté until soft and golden. Remove from pan and set aside. Dice 20 slices of the salami and add to frying pan. Sauté over medium to high heat until crispy, about 10 minutes, stirring to prevent burning.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius).


Mix the sautéed onions and salami into the mashed potatoes, along with the eggs, flour, parsley, and baking powder. Mix until the mixture is smooth and the flour is fully incorporated.


In a separate bowl, combine cornflake crumbs, oil, and salt and mix well. Spray a disposable baking sheet with cooking spray and spread the cornflake crumb mixture over the sheet in a thin layer,  coating the entire surface. Place potato mixture over the crumbs, spreading gently and carefully to prevent the crumbs from being mixed into the batter. Smooth down the top of the potatoes and brush with beaten egg.


Place the remaining 20 slices of salami on top of the egg-brushed potatoes in four rows of five, evenly spaced. Press each slice gently into the potatoes to make a slight indentation.


Bake in preheated oven for 30–35 minutes or until golden. Slice evenly into squares, with a salami slice in the center of each square. Serve warm.


Photography and Styling by Hudi Greenberger

Potato Salami Bake

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