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Rorie’s Electrolyte Drink, or Popsicles


The components of this electrolyte drink were carefully selected. Follow Rorie’s guidelines for the most effective replenishing and nourishing beverage.

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Prepare the Electrolyte Drink

1. For best results, dissolve raw honey in a small amount of warm water. (You can omit this step and just mix cold honey into the other ingredients, but the honey may separate.)
2. In a pitcher or container, combine juices, water, and salt. Add honey mixture. Stir to combine.

Notes: Raw honey cannot be replaced with other sweeteners, as it is not meant to sweeten, but rather to add minerals, glucose, and other medicinal properties that only pure, unheated honey offers. Other natural or alternative sweeteners cannot be used.

For Electrolyte Popsicles

1. Combine the juice, honey, and salt.
2. Add one to two cups of water depending on desired level of sweetness. (For most people, two cups taste really delicious. Use less water if you want it sweeter.)
3. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze until set.

Tips: To make the drink in advance, you can prepare the concentrate or fully made drinks three to four days in advance; store in the fridge. The concentrated mixture can also be frozen for months and defrosted as needed.

If you’re drinking this regularly, one batch a day is more than enough, with an additional six to eight cups of water throughout the day.

To prepare for a fast, I suggest drinking one full batch each day for the two days preceding the fast. (You can spread it out throughout the day, diluted in as much water as you want.)

Replenishing with this drink after a fast, followed by another batch the next day, will quickly help you feel rehydrated and energized.