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Shallot and Lime Surprise Dressing


Looking for a lighter alternative to my Balsamic ’N Herb vinaigrette, I threw this together one day without the shallot. It was good, but it needed a pop. The shallot was the pop! It’s a winner that you’ll love having on hand (especially in mini containers).


Prepare the Shallot and Lime Surprise Dressing

1. Mix all ingredients aside from oil in a food processor. Slowly drizzle in oil to incorporate.
2. I store this in the pantry, but you can also store it in the fridge and let it come to room temperature before using.



Salad Prep Tips

• When you’re making something that can be a salad component, make extra: grilled chicken or steak strips, salmon chunks, roasted vegetables, or simple healthy carbs like quinoa and squashes.

• When you make a big batch of dressings, store them immediately in mini disposable dressing containers so you save that step every time you get salad lunches ready.


Styling and Photography by Hudi Greenberger