Tapas-Style Dishes That Will Make Your Party Unparalleled

The best part of a party is mingling while eating — so what better way to make it easy on your guests than serving up some delicious small bites that they can snack while they socialize? Heshy Jay is back with these sure fire ideas to make your next gathering the best one yet!

On Heshy's Menu for this party:

- Fish Taco Cones with three different fillings: Salmon Pineapple Chili Gravlax, Tuna Tartare, and Salmon Lime Chili Coriander Ceviche

- Steak Tartare Cucumber Rolls with a honey mustard aioli

- Pulled Pastrami Sliders with house slaw, spring greens, and heirloom tomato

- Panko-Crusted Sweetbreads with a portobello mushroom and Russian aioli

- Kugel Cup Crisps with Cholent

- Corned Beef Spring Rolls with barbecue bourbon sauce

Sounds like a can't-miss event!


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