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5 Quick and Hearty Lunches You Can Make In Minutes

Kosher.com Staff November 8, 2022

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It’s no secret that we love quick and easy meals. We’ve published numerous articles and roundups dedicated to the topic, from Soups that Practically Cook Themselves in the Crockpot to 30 Minute Dinners and On-the-Go Breakfasts for Busy Mornings.

But one thing we all often forget about is sitting down to a good old-fashioned lunch. Okay, no one really has time to sit down to a gourmet lunch in the middle of the work day, so we’re sharing some of our quickest and easiest lunches that are hearty, filling, and fleishigs!

With the recipes below, you’ll be making yourself delicious lunches more than ever.

  1. Turkey Reuben by Jeff Mosczyc
    The Reuben is one of my favorite sandwiches. Simultaneously savory and sweet, rich and tangy, crispy and creamy, it’s an oxymoron of deliciousness. Unlike some, I like to use turkey over pastrami/corned beef; the meat is more tender than those brisket cuts, which makes for an easier sandwich bite, and its milder flavor is a perfect canvas for the aggressively seasoned Russian dressing, and sauerkraut. Finally, the melted non-dairy cheese provides that perfect creamy base note of contrast to the acidic pickles, dressing, kraut, and the crunch of the crispy rye.

  2. Turkey Banh Mi Sandwiches by Menachem Goodman
    This modern and kosher take on the classic Vietnamese sandwich will blow you away. It is simple, yet packed with lots of flavor and textures. You get the crunch, the acidic, and the spicy. I loved it, and so will you.

  3. Chef Salad with Russian Dressing by Sasha Salamon
    A crisp and fresh salad you’ll eat with your eyes first! Roll up strips of turkey and tuck them among the lettuce after the rest of the salad is tossed to recreate this beautiful look. Serve with a classic Russian dressing.

  4. Apple Deli Salad by Faigy Murray
    Sometimes the funniest things go so well together. A sweet fruit with a savory deli salad is the perfect combination. When I was testing this recipe, my family was fighting over the ends of the salad – it went so fast!

  5. Deli “Frap” (Fried Wrap) by Shaindy Siff
    Fill a wrap with yummy fried onions mixed with turkey and sweet chili sauce, then bread and fry it whole! Healthful it is not, but as an occasional treat, it is So. Good.