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7 Savory Jam Recipes That Will Wow Your Taste Buds

Rachel Kor May 8, 2024

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Sponsored by Tuscanini

Jams often take center stage as a sweet addition to our morning toast or a classic dessert. While traditional fruit jams have long been cherished for their sweet simplicity, a new wave of jam aficionados is turning up the heat with flavors like hot pepper jam and lemon ginger jam.

These innovative flavors are redefining the boundaries of what jam can be, tantalizing taste buds with a harmonious blend of heat, sweetness, and tanginess.

Join us on a flavorful journey as we delve into the world of these awesome jams, uncovering recipes that will elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

Pepper Jam

1. Roasted Tomato Basil Pepper Pasta by Yocheved Shavrzblat

Elevate your pasta game with this roasted tomato basil pepper pasta sauce. This flavorful blend of veggies enhanced with a touch of sweet and spicy red pepper jam not only delights the taste buds but also adds a healthy twist to your pasta dish.

2. Hot Pepper Jam Hummus by Dini Klein

3. Moroccan Roasted Carrots by Ruhama Shitrit

A delicious side dish of roasted carrots and onions. The Tuscanini hot pepper jam gives a sweet and spicy flavor to the carrots.
A beautiful dish that is super easy to prepar

Lemon Ginger Jam

4. Tahini Lemon Ginger Thumbprint Cookies by Rob Finkelstein

5. Tempura Chicken with Lemon Ginger Dipping Sauce by Erin Grunstein

This traditional Japanese technique ensures that every bite is perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. With its irresistible crunch, juicy chicken, and tangy sauce, this recipe promises to be a crowd-pleaser that will have everyone asking for seconds.

6. Lemon-Ginger Crusted Fish by Naomi Ross

7. Lemon Ginger Chicken by Naomi Nachman

I recently developed this recipe using Tuscanini’s lemon ginger jam. I served this to my guests on Friday night and they loved it. I love that it took me 5 minutes to prepare!